Are Kindle Singles Authors Making Money?

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Are Kindle SIngles Authors Making Money?

There are so many ways to publish a book today. Kindle Singles may be Amazon's best kept secret for authors. There are just over 300 titles published to date, and, as you'll see from the story below, some authors are making big bucks on these 99 cents or $1.00 short-to-medium-length books.

“All of this stands in evidence that in its Kindle Singles brand, Amazon is investing in a serious business model behind a quality editorial product. We all -- readers and writers alike -- stand to benefit from that combination.”   in “Authors of Kindle Singles Raking in Tens of Thousands of Dollars” (see below)

What are Kindle Singles?

According to Amazon, Kindle Singles are shorter works expressed in their “natural length.”  To Amazon, this means 5,000 to 30,000 words. If you’re not sure how long that is, it’s roughly from 20 to 120 pages.

Works such as memoirs, novellas, short stories, special reports, and chapbooks (poetry collections) are ideal for Singles.

Currently there are only 750 Kindle Singles as of March 25, 2015. (Current count appears hwere it says "Showing results 1-10 of ___" on the upper left of the Kindle SIngles list..

Here is an excellent snippet from an article from The Atlantic showing how well authors can do with this way to publish a book on Kindle.

Original Article Source: Authors of Kindle Singles Are Raking in Tens of Thousands of Dollars

by - Rebecca J. Rosen is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic. She was previously an associate editor at The Wilson Quarterly, where she spearheaded the magazine's In Essence section.

here's been a lot of buzz lately about Kindle Singles, the e-publishing format that's longer than a magazine article but shorter than the typical published book coming out of Amazon's dedicated Singles shop.


One, Mishka Shubaly, author of "The Long Run," the ninth-best-selling Single of all time, told PaidContent that he is so pleased with the experiment, he hopes to name his first child Amazon. PaidContent estimates that Shubaly has made about $130,000 from his three Singles.


The other four writers in PaidContent's report have brought in amounts ranging from a bit less than $9,000 to $65,000. The Singles in PaidContent's round-up all sell for either $0.99 or $1.99 a pop, and authors see 70 percent of the revenue.


The successful Singles authors aren't undiscovered gems but professional writers who have published elsewhere before.


Nevertheless, that shouldn't tamp down enthusiasm for these numbers. The fact is a new genre is emerging as a result of e-reading technologies, one that is proving successful both editorially and financially.


All of this stands in evidence that in its Kindle Singles brand, Amazon is investing in a serious business model behind a quality editorial product. We all -- readers and writers alike -- stand to benefit from that combination.

The Kindle Singles Selection Process

Unlike Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Singles authors go through an approval process. This makes Singles publishing more like going through a publisher.

There are quality guidelines for Kindle Singles. Here is what they are seeking:

We’re looking for compelling ideas expressed at their natural length–writing that doesn’t easily fall into the conventional space limitations of magazines or print books. Kindle Singles are typically between 5,000 and 30,000 words.

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How to Submit a Book to Kindle Singles

How to submit

We will consider ebooks recently published via Kindle Direct Publishing, manuscript submissions, or pitches.

• To nominate your self-published book, simply email us at and include the title, ASIN, and a brief summary.

• If the work is not yet published, you can submit a manuscript or a detailed pitch for your Kindle Single. Send as much material as you have available to and include your name and a writing sample.

• Writers or publishers wishing to propose an idea for a Kindle Single can write to our editors at

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Help to Publish a Book on Kindle

Even if you decide to submit to Kindle Singles, you’re free to publish a book on Kindle. It is free to self-publish a book on Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing. However, you may find it helpful to have a little more guidance.

More Help: Publish a Book with Digital Publishing

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