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One author I know did her book launch the old fashioned way. I'll call her Sarah.

Sarah decided to get a whole bunch of partners to provide a bonus and send out emails to their customers and subscribers on launch day.

"I spent 20-40 hours a week for almost 8 months," she said.

Sarah had small children. I cannot help but think of all the playtime and special moments she missed because of spending so much time on her launch.

And what were her results?

She did make bestseller on Amazon - HOWEVER...

Most of her bonuses had absolutely nothing to do with her book, so they did not get many optins.

Only about 25% of her partners actually mailed, and most of those only one time.

And while yes she leveraged her bestselling author status in other great ways, the amount of time and energy the launch took left her feeling drained.

"I can't help but wonder if I could have gotten the same result with less work."

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