Mindshift: Can You Eat a Highly Intelligent Being?

Can you eat a creature that is as intelligent as a human?

What you are about to read may shift how you think about what you devour.

A comment someone left on 1 of my Facebook photos got me thinking.  I posted a picture of the bacon caramel brownie bites, pictured below and someone said, "Pigs are almost as intelligent as humans. I cannot eat anything from a pig."

Caramel Bacon Brownies (these are bites for competition tasting, but you can cut normal sized ones for your people.)

OK well just make brownies then...sheesh!

But it got me thinking. I responded that all life is sacred and all beings intelligent. If you're going to refrain from eating intelligence, you'll neither eat any food nor drink any water.

All life is sacred, and indeed, I consider the flora and fauna of this world far more knowing than any human.

You may protest, "but broccoli can't build a building or run a government."

True, but broccoli always stays true to its nature. It never strays from its innate purpose. Life responds to its conditions and finds a way to flourish where it can. Your broccoli never decides the water nearby isn't flowing to its liking, nad it never tries to reroute the stream.

Only  humans stray from their path, from their life purpose. Only humans fail to follow the bent of their nature on a regular basis. Only humans need to be led back to their true path.

Only humans destroy the natural order in which all other creatures thrive harmoniously.

So, whether you choose to be a vegetarian or omnivore,  nourish yourself on the intelligent life forms you choose to eat. You may decide to eat or not to eat any food, but do not let intelligence be your guide, because ompared to the wonders of this world, humans are puny and ignorant..

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