Writing a Book: Your Book is a Door

"If your business is a house, your book is a door."

 -- Ronda Del Boccio in Instant Author Formula

So many business owners who are thinking of writing a book get all in a twist about it, making it harder than it needs to be.

First and foremost, yes, you want to write a GOOD book...but that doesn't mean long.


When you have a simple recipe, you can become thet author of a book upon which you will feel proud to see your name with very little effort.

Here is a review of the book Instant Author Formula: 6 Simple Ways to Write a Book Fast.

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Got clarity that I don't have to wait to write the Ultimate Guide to Starting a Home Business; write a series instead!" March 16, 2014

I am going to write a book now after reading "Instant Author Formula". As Ronda says, my book is not my business";

it doesn't have to be the ultimate guide to my business. I need to get off my butt and write solving one problem with one solution with one book.

Writing THE BOOK on how to start a home business was stopping me as I have other priorities in my business. Rondo gave me clarity that I don't have to wait to write the Ultimate Guide to Home Business; I can write a small book helping others start a homebased business and get it out there to help others and then write a series of small books on further challenges in homebased business.

The "butt kicking" in the book as well as the simple templates for creating books quickly has helped me to put a "How-to" edition back on my marketing plan. I loved the analogy that if your business is the house, a book is a door that leads people into your business. Also, there is a great reminder that even a small book can have a great call to action for the reader which  can also lead them into your business.

A huge thank-you to Jane Gardner for this excellent review. She discovered the power of a small book that solves a problem.

Give your reader what they WNAT to buy, not what you think they SHOULD want!

Time for you to give that old "Do It" muscle a workout and become an author. You gain:

  • Instant credibility
  • VIP status
  • more leads
  • Media ops
  • and more

Instant Author Formula Book cover imageInstant Author Formula teaches 6 simple ways to write a book, including an interview book, Q&A and tips book. Download it to your Kindle device or free app right now WriteonPurposecom/instant.

I hope it helps you! Be sure to claim the bonuses that come with it.

Follow your BLISS,

Ronda Del Boccio

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