How to Throw a Book Launch Party: Choosing the Venue

Recently, I attended a couple of book launch parties and learned a lot. In a previous article, I shared insights on inviting guests to a book launch celebration. This article is all about selecting a venue.

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Where to host your launch party?

First of all,  consider your budget. Most people will want to have a free space, but that doesn't mean you have to use your local free meeting hall. Here are some ideas:

  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Park pavilion
  • Themed entertainment

You want to consider a place that is:

  • Near you
  • Easy for others to find
  • Willing to play along as you set up and publicize the event

If  your book is about an archeological dig, maybe there's a nearby museum that would let you do something near a display. Or perhaps they'll let you post flyers.

If your book involves a dinner party, perhaps a winery or restaurant will be happy to host you.

My upcoming anthology, Hillbilly Daze, has stories that happen at several local places, and I'm going to see about having readings/launch parties at some of those.

My friend and mentor Velda Brotherton has a new book that involves painting. She considered having her launch at an art gallery, however, the nearest place to her was far off the beaten trail, and thus not a good option.

Remember - the point is to sell books!

The point of your celebration is to sell books while having a good time. Let that stay in your mind.

So pick the right place for your party, one where the owners are happy you'll be there.

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