Are Hardcover Books Irrelevant?

A friend of minee is so excited that his paperback/ebook is coming out in a new format. He received 70 pre-orders for hardcover, which was enough for the new release. I am THRILLED for my friend because he's excited.

Hardcover’s share of units was just ahead of e-books, accounting for 25% of unit purchases.

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But it got me wondering whether it's really a good thing to put out a hardcover book these days.


According to a Neilson report about the first half of 2014:

  • Paperbacks sold 42%
  • Ebooks sold 23%
  • Hardcovers sold 23%

Should YOU Put Out a Hardcover Edition?I don't have an answer. I hope to start a conversation.

Hardcover sales appear to be biggest for the super-well-known authors.  My thought would be to avoid the more costly hardback if you're not a mega-star author like Grisham or King..

What do you think? Do you have hardcover sales success? Reasons why you did or did not publish hard?

Please answer in the comments and on social media.

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