Author, Want to Sell more Books? Your Reader Wishes You Knew These Things

I found a great infographic that's made for business and nonprofit people, but the same things hold true for what your reader wishes you, the author, knew about tghem.

stay 'tune" after you see the graphic or some more thoughts.

10 Things Your Customers Wish You knew About them

Yyour reader wants you to know most of those things, and --you can gain a lot of insight by thinking of your reader every day. Even find a picture that represents your ideal reader and keep it by your computer.

OK, so readers want you to crank out more fiction books, but not at the expense of them being good. Get 3 books ready before #1 is out, while you finish with the editing process on #3, you can start writing book 4 and the first 2 are already making yu money and bringing more readers to you.

Keep holding your reader's hand and making her happy! That's how you sell more books. Crawl inside your reader's head just as you do your characters and you're going to be a book marketing ace.

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