How Do You Make Readers Care about Your Characters?

Have you ever read a book or story  and put it down because you simply didn't care what happens next to the main characters? That is a HUGE flaw in writing! You don't want to do that, and neither do I.

This article by Natasha Lester is great, because she shares the 4 emotional elements she considers when writing a scene.

I believe that fear is at the heart of all good drama: what we are afraid of doing, or of not doing, what we are afraid of feeling, what we are afraid of learning, what we are afraid of losing, what we are afraid of loving.

-- Natasha Lester

I happen to love this useful emotions quadrant Lester uses when writing each scene. I'm going to whip I out and give it a try myself. Thanks, Ms. Lester! Read original article source here.

Creating Emotion in a Story

Let me know if you try it and what you think.

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