Authors: How to Invite People to a Facebook Event

Facebook is a HUGE part of social media for authors. No matter what kind of event you're doing, you can set up a Facebook event and invite your friends and contacts.

  • Speaking
  • Reading from your book
  • Book signing live in person,
  • Book launch party
  • Webinar
  • Teleseminar
  • Virtual book tour

You want to do this from your FACEBOOK PAGE, not your profile.

  • A PAGE is for businesses, authors, etc. It says "Like" or "Liked" when you're on someone' else's
  • A profile is the personal presence EVERYONE on Facebook has. It's where you go when you login. It says "Add friend" or "friends" when you're on someone' else's

When you host an event,

  1. go to your author PAGE,
  2. click events, and click ADd Event,
  3. complete the information,
  4. then invite guests.

This short video shows you how to invite friends to a Facebook event. Watch the video.

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