Abundance and The Power of Belief: Are You Allowed Only One?

Have you ever said, or heard someone else say, that you can have only one great something?

  • 1 great opportunity
  • 1 great pet
  • 1 true love

It seems to be something instilled, and thus installed, into most people. The underlying belief is you only get one allotment of something precious and no more. Lose it and you're done.

I've heard it and I've overcome that belief.

When I had my first of 3 amazing guide dogs, Thunder, she was so amazing that at first I thought I could never have another guide dog to match or top her level of awesome.

I DESERVE Abundance! Image shows a flower against an unfocused background http://writeonpurpose.com/miracle

Then I asked myself, "Why can you have only ONE great dog in your lifetime"

I answered myself, "I don't know. That's silly. I may have half a dozen guide dogs in my lifetime. Why should I believe it's all down hill from here

I further reflected  that I NEVER believed I was allowed only one great:

  • Bouquet
  • Delicious food
  • Friend
  • Fun
  • Vacation
  • Adventure
  • Extraordinary Experience
  • Joyful moment

...so why should I accept that I could only have 1 great guide dog and then my chances were gone for the rest of my life?


Yeah - why CAN'T I have more than 1 awesome dog to go along with all my fabulous vacations, experiences, friends, or anything else?

Each wonderful whatever will be great in its own way. Thunder Cloudy Skywalker (her official AKC Name) was a smooth coated (short haired) collie

How useful that I eradicated that false belief and embraced the power of ABUNDANCE in Thunder's lifetime, because a couple months after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, A little black Belgian shepherd mix puppy with white paint on her wriggled her way into my heart and became a great guide dog named Molly Flagtail.

Molly Flagtail lying on my mom's paisley print couch

Each had her own kind of awesome. Thunder had such astounding memory that could backtrack through the twistiest path to get me back to the start, even when I myself didn't know which way to turn. Molly had amazing emotional intelligence. She had her own mission beyond guiding me that involved healing hearts.

And after Molly finished her time with me, a stunning diva dog named Jemma from Leader Dogs for the Blind came to me. She displays Thunder-style smarts, Molly-style empathy, and her own pure divalicious Jemma star power.

Leader Dog Jemma Close-up. Jemma is a golden retriever wearing a royal blue collar

And yet...I still come up with issues around abundance and deserving. This became clear to me when I had my Miracle Mindshift.

This is a 30 day program you can do over and over again. Whenever I go through my Mindshift month, I experience deeper levels of awareness about my own resistance to life's abundance. If you'd like to join me, I invite you to visit the Miracle Mindshift page for details at WriteOnPurpose.com/miracle..

Miracle Mindshift Month

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