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Have you ever been writing a story (whether short or novel length) and found yourself stuck for a name of a character? I certainly have. Sometimes I have a first name and need a surname. Sometimes I want a fantasy- or an evil sounding name.

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So here are some name generators of different types that might be just what you seek. I hope you find htem useful. And if you come across a different one that isn't included in this list, please DO let me know by adding it to the comments using Facebook or Google+.

Fantasy Names

When I opened this generator, these are a few of the names it gave me:

  • Brand Ravendread
  •  Dirk Seraphdream
  •  Drake Loreguard
  •  Eden Griffonvictor
  • < Grail Chaostotem

Quick Character Namer

This isn't sophisticated, but it might give you a good idea. You can choose a male or female name and say how many names to provide. You could always mix and match. This uses common names in the USA based on census data.

  • Grace Mills
  •  Ivy Diaz
  •  Jillian Carson
  •  Joy Zelma Moon
  •  Juanita Mattie Chen
  •  Kathy Trevino
  •  Keisha Tasha Sanders
  •  Kristine Fuller

Weird Name Generator

I write fantasy and paranormal quite a bit, and next time I need a strange sounding name, I might try this one. Maybe one of these will be what you seek:

  • The Seventh Profane Queen Who Desires Madness
  • The Seventh Rogue That Burns the Monk
  • The Sly Bloodstained Sultanna
  • The Studious Forgotten Czarina That Burns Clouds
  • Turquoise of the Celestial Tower

Not sure why the fixation on burning clouds, but it just might tickle your muse. My personal fav from this short list is The Studious Forgotten Czarina That Burns Clouds. Maybe I'll use that as a writing prompt and write a story about her.

Evil Sounding Names

These names are inspired by J. R. R. Tolkein's body of work. Her are a few samples:

  • Durormat
  • Faua
  • Glard
  • Gwengoturathae
  • Ingo
  • Itungu
  • Lariauindua
  • Ldugon
  • Lonalongila
  • Matur

I'm using one of these for a Ghoul in a humorous paranormal sequel to A Tasty Morsel.

Demon Name Generator

I have a feeling I'll be using this one to help inspire me for the series around my "pantser" demon hunter Kassidy. Here are a few samples.

  • Hasatuzs
  • Zsuesason
  • Tonserolon
  • Lasoron
  • Nuhsatoah
  • Lais
  • Ponis
  • Olashadea

Western Names

I love looking at these generators, even though I don't write westerns. Here are a few from when I ran it to write this post:

  • Angela "Thinker" Jensen
  • Deborah "Gravedigger" Stevens
  • Gambling Reynolds
  • Joanne "Shooter" Payne
  • Lillie "Sunset" Beck
  • Lost Adams

My personal favorite from this list is Deborah "Gravedigger" Stevens. If you're into writing westerns, I bet you could craft a short story around a female grave digger, or one who doesn't dig them but has that nickname.

Wrestler Names

This one's also good for warriors/fighters or bad guys. I thought this was so funnyt that I had to share it. You don't need to be writing a story about WWF to use a name like any of these:

  • Q. O. "The Princess" Turner
  • Sandra "Unknowable Venus" Johnson
  • Stephanie "Blessed Goddess" Scott
  • Sue "The Word" Pierce

I like Stephanie "Blessed Goddess" Scott. Imagine a fighter with that appellation. Fun.Those should help you find character names. I'll post generators for places, animals, etc. in future posts, so watch the "Name Generators" series for more.

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