Location Name Generators

Looking for a name for your kingdom, realm, or tavern? These generators may be precisely the inspiration you seek.

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Realm Name Generator

You can select Earldoms, Duchies, and large or small areas. Here are some of the names that arose using the small area option:

  • Mystic Necromancer's Earldom
  • Orange Sunset State
  • Soft Duchy
  • Unholy Duchy of the Vine

Adventurous Places

I would call this a Quest Location Generator, because these are the sorts of names where your hero might go to right a wrong. Ready for an exciting place name where adventures happen? Here are a few examples that came up for me.

  • Battlefield of Visions
  • Cave of Oblivion
  • Decrepit Tunnels of Desolation
  • Maze of Secrets
  • Sanctum of Crystal

Those are great quest destinations!

Outer Plane Generator

Do you need a far away land with a mysterious name? Try this name propagator. Here are a few it offered me:

  • Domain of the Damned
  • Dry Cities of Suffering
  • False Wilderness of the Unnamed
  • First Region
  • Fourth Terrifying Hall

I like False Wilderness of the Unnamed. Sounds mysterious.

Rooms and Locations Generator

Sometimes you just need a room or structure rather than a realm or town. Here are some cool names it spat out for me:

  • Cloister of Deception
  • Dead Threshold of Hoards
  • Frozen Gallery
  • Gold Watchtower
  • Hideaway of Pits and Lanterns
  • Infamous Vault

I like Dead Threshold of Hoards. Really sick stuff would have to happen there. Infamous Vault is cool too, but it needs an "of something" after it, like Infamous Vault of Destinies.

Tavern Names

Where do your characters go for a quick pint after work, or to drown their sorrows? Here are some of the local watering hole names that came up for me:

  • The Funny Priestess
  • The Gory Sword Inn
  • The Joyous Bawd's Tavern
  • The Morose Footpad Saloon
  • The New Casque Saloon

Did these location names spark your muse into action? Did you stumble across a different generator you'd like to share? Please add your musings or great finds in the comments section.
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