Is a Guide Dog Always in Harness? Leader Dog Questions

I'm writing a book about the adventures of my Leader Dog Jemma and myself. Since I get s from people I figured it would be a great idea to include those  questions and answers in the book.

Here's one of my very favorite pics of Jemma. She's clearly having fun unmaking the bed. She does this by running laps in the house and using the bed as her turn-around point.

Picture of Jemma unmaking the bed, looking wild-eyed and clearly having agreat time!

"Does a guide dog always wear the harness?"

No. That would be unnecessary for me and certainly uncomfortable for the dog. I mean, who wants to wear a handle 24/7?

Let me explain the role of the equipment. Think of the guide harness as a work uniform. If you're a police officer, you put on your work duds to go on duty. Then at home, you slip into your comfies.

Also, the harness is there to help me. It gives me way more info than just a leash. I'll talk more about that elsewhere, but I get a ton of data through that handle.

Now think about home life. Are there curbs, traffic and unfamiliar obstacles? Well, at my house there are Jemma's toys everywhere, but those aren't life-threatening. Since there are no distracted drivers inside my house, she doesn't need to protect me. And I know where my couch and bed are, so no need of help there.

Leader Dog Jemma's Adventures is my beautiful girl's Facebook page. While you'll see pictures of  her sitting at a hardware store or lying down at a restaurant, you'll also see her being a dog.

Here she is lying on my friend's feet, warming her up after she got chilled.

And here she is playing with one of her toys:

We finally had sunshine! What a fun walk. Now mom put treats and one of my toys, and I'm working on that. See you and we...

Posted by Leader Dog Jemma's Adventures on Thursday, November 19, 2015

So as you can tell, Jemma is just a dog out of harness. She clearly has a terrific life. You can tell my looking at her.

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