Leader Dog Jemma Takes a Bow And They All Say Awwww

Since I'm an author and speaker, I make public appearances with my gorgeous and talented Leader Dog Jemma. She's a scene stealer for sure, and I wanted to have her do something special to wow the crowd.

Leader DOg Jemma shakes hands

So I taught her to give her paw (shake hands) and to bow. Here she is showing off for the camera at our local Lions Club fundraiser.

Leader DOg Jemma takes a bow. Her handler Ronda Del Boccio guides her with a treat.

Until recently, only my family have witnessed these, but Jemma had a chance to bow when I spoke to the Ozarks Writers League. My contribution to open mic night was to share from the book I'm writing about her.

Naturally, she stole the show, as animals do.

"Never work with animals or children." Actor W.C. Fields

- W. C. Fields

I walked up to the podium and put Jemma in a down-stay, which she obediently maintained until I got to a particularly animated part where I shared the frustration of waiting to meet my dog. She popped up, thinking I was upset about something happening now.

I put her back down with assurances all was well. Another animated part, another rise to her feet and this time a nuzzle into my leg.

So cute! This time I put her back down and playfully stomped on her leash to keep her there. I patted her head and she knew I wasn't mad at her.

After we finished I came in front of the table with my beautiful dog and told her to take a bow.

Everybody said "Awwww."

Jemma smiled and wagged.

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Leader Dog Jemma Close-up. Jemma is a golden retriever wearing a royal blue collarJemma is a busy dog. Not only is she my guide, toy reviewer and treat tester, but she also shares her adventures in her own voice on her own Facebook page and Instagram Feed.

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