Happiness Is a Hot Cup of Coffee

Coffee is part of my blissful life. You can watch for and use the hashtag #BLISSfulLife to experience awesomeness.

I love a good cup of coffee. I enjoy being able to sit on my screened-in deck with beautiful Jemma dog beside me on her cushion and birds singing all around me.

While I'm writing, I require coffee. It helps me stay in the flow.

Morning ritual: coffee outside in the conference room

Coffee is not about the caffeine. It's about the palate. The taste. The smell. The experience. Drinking coffee is a delightful gestalt of pleasant experiences.

BLISS Coffee Mug from Zazzle

For my morning deck coffee, I'm content with the Follow your BLISS mug with butterflies, because I'm drinking the brew straight away. It cools off some, but I finish before it's cold.

WHile writing, I get really annoyed when I go for a sip and the delightful beverage is cold. Sure, I can use the microwave, but then I have a couple warm sips and it cools off again before I want more. Plus I don't like irradiating my food. As is, I only use my microwave for things like warming coffee, and it's in shock on those few occasions I ask it to work.

SO I decided perhaps a thermal mug is the answer for writing coffee. Just then, I received an offer to review a Liquid Savvy 18 oz thermal container at a steep discount in exchange for an honest review. I love it when that happens!

I've been giving the mug a workout with things like coffee and lemonade. Did this do the trick?Sort of, but not quite. I gave the Liquid Savvy  4 stars on Amazon.

What I like:

  • Fluids stay close to their original temperature for about 4 hours, which is usually enough time.
  • Container is sturdy enough for travel.
  • Multiple lid options depending what is needed.

What I don't like as well

  • Temperature stasis is way less than advertised, and that just annoys me.
  • Sipping lid is hard to seat properly.
  • Sipping lid doesn't have a handle.
  • Sturdy but heavy.

Read my Amazon review.

Watch my video review.

Order your own Liquid Savvy 18 oz Insolated Water Bottle 

I hope this helps you!

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