Epic Fantasy Revision Progress Update: Chapters 1-4 Done

I just made progress on Epic Fantasy (Revision)! So far I'm 13% complete on the Revision phase. 5 Weeks remain until the deadline.

Epic Fantasy (Revision)
Due:1 year ago

A long time ago in a room very close by...

...I wrote my first novel in 4 months. I thought I was writing a short story, but no.

I wrote an epic fantasy novel a dozen years ago, and it's time for that book to experience a revival. SO I'm breathing new life into it and, hopefully, improving it. I suspect I've learned a few things about writing in those years.

I've done quite a bit of rearranging.

Chapter 1 used to be the prologue. It has a new scene and some things added to what was on the page back then.

What used to be Chapter 1 is now Chapter 3.

What used to be memories or the protagonist sharing her past with people has been moved into what is now Chapter 2.

Some things I've learned thus far:

The English teacher who critiqued my book advised me poorly when it came to semicolons. She must have had a thing for them. They don't belong anywhere but hifalutin (pompous) papers.

I just learned how to spell hifalutin, which I've heard but never seen in print.

Dialogue tags were in vogue at the time I wrote the book. Now, not at all. (Those are the "she saids" of fiction.)

I've learned how to go deeper into a character's point of view with less words.

I haven't written that much in third person lately.

Moving some scenes forward meant I had to establish some elements of the story well and early.

I still love my characters and the story even after so much time.

One publisher suggested I should just scrap it and write the whole doggone book fresh. I'm SO glad I DID NOT listen to him.

I'm having a good time freshening up the story and look forward to finding a home for it when 'm done.

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