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A number of years ago I wrote an epic fantasy or maybe a paranormal fantasy. Hard to tell what to call it sometimes, as the lines blur.

I want to get it back out into the world now. A small press published it back before publishing was easier and cheaper. No, I didn't pay to publish but each copy of the book cost me $11, so that already made it an expensive book before earning any profit. I have my rights back, so I can publish it.

Rue the Day was never on Amazon and not widely available. I wrote it from start to polish in 4 months, and it's an intense story full of suspense, jealousy. and trickery.

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First Round: Revisions

Figuring I must have learned something in a decade of writing a lot of words, I first went through to revise. Aside from things like dialogue tags and a love affair for passive voice at the time, which I knew I could fix, it was a good story.

I didn't find any gaping plot holes or flat characters. The story arc works. A lot is at stake for several of the key people, including the protagonist.

Second Round: Edits & Tweaking

I'm in phase 2 right now. Having gone through the whole book, now I'm correcting any booboos or typos I find and punching up the prose.

Or at least, that's what I thought I was doing. Oh, I've found booboos to fix. I've breezed through most chapters. Characters had a few more things to say in a couple scenes, so I added some dialogue to 2 chapters.

It's a slog, but I enjoy the process. As I write this, I'm a quarter of the way through the book on the editing pass.

Watch for a Funny Story

I'm going to share a funny story about what a publisher friend of mine said about the book. All I'll tell you right now is that 5 people who read the original said, "He's crazy," and "He's clueless."

Please share this all over the social web!

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