BLISSful Life: Paper or DIgital Planner?

How do you keep track of your day, the things you need to do, the appointments, and all the muchness of living Do you use a paper planner or an online calendar...or both?

I used to keep a paper planner back when I had jobs with meetings and trips, but I got away from it as an author. A couple months ago, I decided to switch things up and have a paper planner AND Google Calendar to help me keep my life BLISSful.

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I SUCK at time. I can think something happened yesterday and maybe it was 3 months ago. I may tell someone I'll be done in 10 minutes, then get wrapped up in a project (or writing a story) for hours.

That's just how I roll, like it or not. As a friend of mine says, "Time isn't even a magazine in my house." So I need to compensate.

The GREAT thing about online calendars

I use Google Calendar, and I love it. It's great for keeping me on track with specific times I need to do things like:

  • Writing contest . entry deadlines
  • Due dates
  • When to start getting ready or leave
  • Reminders (more on that soon).

I love Google Calendar. It's so versatile. I like the notifications, reminders, and goals available. I'll go into how I use it in a separate post. for now...

Here's what I love about Google Calendar in brief:

  • Color coding events (to match the purpose of the activity)
  • Customizable notifications beore the event
  • Ability to invite others.
  • Remibders
  • Goals
  • And it's free

And all that's great, but I decided I need to keep track of more in my life than just the time I need to do things. I wanted to keep track of things like moon phase, weather, what I accomplished, a weekly focus, gratitude and more. So I got a paper planner.

Here's a key question to help you decide how and why to plan, on paper or online:

What do you want to track?

Give yourself a few minutes, your favorite beverage, and writing implements. Decide what you need or wan to track. Write it down.

You might call it "Things I want to record."

In the next post, I'll share what I decided to track in my aper planner and how I am organizing it at the moment (subject to change based on my needs and whims).

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