Getting the Most Out of Google Calendar: It’s Not Just for Appointments Anymore

I have mentioned it before, but in case you haven't met me...I SUCK at time. I mean, I can think I'll come up out of a project in 10 minutes to, say, have lunch with mo, but if I don't set a date and time, I may emerge a couple hours later, oblivious to the passing of time until something outside me brings it crashing down on me.

So I need an electronic calendar to poke me and make sure I know that in 15 inutes I need to be on a call, or walking over to Mom's for lunch, or starting the pressure cooker, or whatever.

I love using Google Calendar for keeping my time on time, and it's not just an appointment book anymore. There are lots of cool things to do with it..

Google Calendar

So sure, it's a regular ol' calendar, but I do a whole lot more with it...

Google Calendar Event Notifications:

It's fine knowing I have a conference call at 3, but it's even better knowing 15 minutes ahead that I need to be on that call. That gives me a few minutes to get my head out of my current project, pee, get a beverage/snack, and get set for the call. I can set up notifications to remind me at whatever time before an event that it's impending. A paper calendar won't do that. I can set up as many as I need and choose from email or notification that comes up on my devices.

Event Colors:

I color code my calendar entries.

  • Orange/Tangerine for errands, lunch dates, etc.
  • YellowBanana for dog appointments like grooming and vet, because my dog loves bananas.
  • Bold Green for revenue-generating events.
  • Bold Blue for friend time.
  • Turquoise for fun stuff
  • Purple for personal/spiritual renewal


When you set up reminders, you get a notice on your phone and computer reminding you about whatever you asked. I absolutely LOVE reminders. I have them set up for things like ...

  • Take trash can to the road
  • Give Jemma heartworm/flea-tick preventative
  • Refresh press page and bio on my website (quarterly, at the season markers)
  • Call
  • Get my Schwans order in

Invite People to Events

It's really handy to be able to invite your group, family, colleagues or whomever to an event. They get all the event reminder notices you've established, and if something changes and you have to cancel, they'll get that notice too.

Google Hangouts

I rarely do this, honestly, but it's nice to be able to make your event a hangout so those involved can video chat.

Mobile ease

Google Calendar works great on mobile. I have it set to month view on my tablet and week view on the phone.

Interesting add-on calendars

Want to know about holidays, sports, sunrise, weather, or phases of the moon? From the desktop version of Google Calendar, just look in the left column for "Other Calendars, click the little divet in the upper right and select More Interesting Calendars, and have fun exploring.


Now you can keep track of goals like exercise via your mobile device (not desktop). You can decide how much time and how often you want to lift weights, do yoga or other pursuits. Very handy!

As an author, you could even track writing time and make a date to get it done.

Chime In!

Do you use Google Calendar? What are your favorite tools?

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