Need Help Deciding Your Planning Style?

If you'd asked me about my planning style a couple months ago, I would have wondered what in the world you were talking about. I hadn't used a paper planner since the '90s. I went to using Google Calendar for appointments (still do).

While briefly sharing my planner story here, I'll show you how you can choose your own planning style based on your needs.
Dec26-31, 2016 Plan

Size Matters: What size planner is best?

Yeah, ok...size matters. You want to decide

  1. DO you need paper, digital or both? Read this post to help choose.
  2. Do you want to carry your planner or have it on your desk?
  3. What you want to have?
  4. Do you need more than 1 planner

My Planner Story

Back in October, I decided I wanted to track other thanings than just my schedule, so I got a personal planner so it wouldn't be too huge.

ut th3en I decided it was too small  So after much research and seeing how other people plan, I finally decided to get my Happy Planner. The small one is what I'll carry around and use for things like blog post and story ideas, insights, etc. It will serve more as a journal for me.

While awaiting the arrival of my Happy Planner, I took out the little Webster's Pages planner, opened it to the Notes section, and wrote down the things I wanted to track. Which brings us to your next step...

What to Track?

You can get some help considering what you want to mark in this post. Here's what you want to do.

  1. List all the things you want to keep track of as they come to you.
  2. Determine what general categories fit your needs best.
  3. Mark or reorganize your list by category. This is your planning style!
  4. Set up your planner to fit that planning style.

My tracking

Planning is highly personal, so what you want to track will determine your needs.  For me, I let my Google Calendar deal with appointments, mainly because a paper planner won't tell me it's time to quit working on my story and get moving, but the reminders I set will. Because I SUCK at time.

I first made a list of all the things I wanted to track without worrying ab out organizing or categorizing them in any way. Then I considered how I might categorize these items.

Here's a partial list of my own things to mark:

  • Moon phase
  • Weather
  • Blogging
  • RIPL (my system of social media check-in system)
  • Video  photo social media posting
  • Crafting
  • Fun
  • Outings
  • Happy news
  • Birthdays/anniversaries ('cuz I suck at time & don't want to miss any)
  • Gratitude

Three categories emerged for me:

  1. Tracking-type stuff
  2. Go-do stuff
  3. happy life stuff

So the sections in my Happy Planner are now:

  • Top: Today
  • Middle: To Do
  • Bottom: BLISSful Life

Whether you write those headers, use stickers, or whatever, knowing your planning style will help keep you organized and productive.

I want my planner to be part planner nad part joy journal/memory keeper, and this is working well. I've only been using my system a few days, but I can tell you I'm getting a whole lot done.

I hope this helps you choose how to plan a BLISSful Life! What' working for you?

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