Weekly Intention Debrief: What Do I Want to Experience?

Each week, I choose an intention on which to focus , and this past week, I contemplated what I want to experience.

focus on: What do I want to experience

I promised to come back and report on how having this focus affected me as I lived through my week. So here we go...

Daily Touch

I already have a master list that I call my "I SHALL Have This List." It has everything from big adventures I want to enjoy, such as riding in a hot air balloon, to things I would like to have, like an electric recliner couch, to little things I want to do, like grow my own basil for pesto.

So did it make any difference for me to focus on experiences I want to have all week, since I already have a good list going?

Absolutely yes!.

Because each day I thought of what I wanted to try, do or enjoy. It was top of mind often.

  • I saw a news story about a wounded stray dog and was reminded how much I want to have the experience of generously donating to shelters.
  • While trying to get a stray cat placed in a shelter that wanted me to pay $50, I considered how I want to have the experience of hosting a fund so that people wouldn't be financially penalized for trying to get a stray off the streets.
  • While watching a TV show I got a great idea for a burrito bowl and decided I want to have the experience of making it. That will be supper one day this week, probably Friday night.
  • I started following a couple of plus-sized models on Instagram, because I want to have the experience of moving my body and moving with the grace and confidence of a model.

Yes, that was a good focus for me. let me know if you decide to try it! You an comment on Facebook below.

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