Receive: Self Mastery Focus Word, Feb 11-17, 2017

What you focus on expands. That's the power of intention.

I love giving. Gifts, smiles, encouragement...big fun for me. Yet being able to receive is just as vital as being able to give. This week, my self mastery focus word is "Receive." I put my focus word in my planner, just beliw the monthly calendar.

To give without graciously receiving is like haling without inhaling. You need to do both in order to breathe.


This week, I am paying attention to and feeling gratitude for all that I receive. Here are some examples of how I am living with this word:

  • As I eat a meal, I feel grateful for the nutrients my body receives from the food.
  • As I sink into bed, I notice how my mattress receives my body, and I focus on my body receiving support as I rest.
  • When someone gves me a complement, I say, "Thank you" without deflecting one back.
  • When the sun shines, I receive its warmth with gratitude and drink it in with a super big straw.
  • As I live each day, I notice all I receive from people, the earth, animals and more.

Do you focus on a character trait or affirmation each week?

&Cheers to your #BlissfulLife!

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