Book Excerpt: “Just Growl and Mean It” from I’ll Push You Steer

True story. Back when I lived in Minneapolis, I was standing ata bus stop (in broad daylight, as they say), and this guy started circling me. Here's what I did. This is an excerpt from the humorous and inspirational I'll Push You Steer: The Definitive Guide to Stumbling through Life with Blinders on by me and Bonnie Tesh. It's on Kindle now.

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"Just Growl and Mean It" Nonfiction Book Excerpt by Ronda Del Boccio from I'll Push You Steer

I'll Push You Steer Kindle cover

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Ronda Del Boccio is an award-winning and best Head shot of Ronda Del Boccioselling author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has been mostly blind since birth, but she never lets that stop her doing what she wants to do. She tells transformational tales and helps visionary authors turn their dreams and imaginings into published books. See and order Ronda's books on Amazon.

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