Fun Andy LoRusso Sing and Cook Italian Expanded Edition GoFundMe Launch

Before I tell you about a book launch, I want to tell you the story of how I met and got to know The Singing Chef, Andy LoRusso. It's a cool story because of what Andy brings to the world with his celebrity chef and bestselling author status.

Andy-LoRusso The Singing Chef on stage

Andy LoRusso, the Singing Chef, heard me sing before we ever officially met. He presented at a book conference, one of an all-star line-up of authors who have sold more than a million copies of their books.

Here's what it's like to be at one of Andy's presentations. Watch the video.

I saw him present over a decade ago, and I still remember his engaging presentation. Andy didn't just talk about his book. He prepared food, sang, and invited the audience to sing with him. His is the most memorable ever author presentation, because it engaged all the senses, and because I got to SING!

Back then, I had a couple of short stories published and one book, I'll Push You Steer.

We had an opportunity to get better acquainted in the hotel lobby that night. A few of us didn't love the band they'd hired, so we wandered into the lobby. I sat with him and a couple other million-book=selling-authors for a couple of hours. No autographs. No microphones. Just human connection.

Happy Heart

Andy LoRusso has a mission to help everyone have a happy heart and ad happy home. He encourages cooking to be a happy event, accompanied by laughter, singing, and fellowship. I love this message.

I bought his book/CD combo. Yes, I've actually played the CD while cooking and singing. Super fun. Here are some of the recipes I've made from his book Sing and Cook Italian:

  • Andy's Antipasto Saad
  • Pasta Fantastico Lo Ruso
  • Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese


Andy came to mind a few days ago. When that happens, it's my signal to get in touch. Since I thought of him while out running errands, I made myself a Google Calendar Reminder to contact  him.

That night, he reached out to me via a Facebook message saying he's updating his cookbook nad music. He gave me his GoFundMe Campaign Link and asked if I'd help him out.

Absolutely, since I enjoy his book and adore his message!

Updated  Cookbook with Music Download Includes:

  • The new edition of the book will include:
  • The recipes from the first version
  • Cherished old-world family recipes
  • Dishes and stories from Andy's travels around the world
  • More songs from Italy and across the globe

Special Offer: for every $25, Andy LoRusso will send an autographed copy of his new release when it's available, which is expected to be in November.

Support the GoFundMe campaign here.

Connect with Andy LoRusso

I hope you'll get to know Andy LoRusso's voice and recipes!

Cheers to your #BlissfulLife!

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