How to ReLaunch a Book: Stephanie Frank’s “Accidental” Millionaire Book Relaunch Team

Most everybody has heard about new book launches, which involve getting lots of folks to pick up a book during a certain period of time (a day to a week usually).

But what about older books?

It's fantastic to reach bestseller status and keep sales going, yet the honest truth is that any book is likely to fall in rankings over time without a sustained advertising campaign.

Your old books don't have to die an slow, ignominious death.

Relaunching The Accidental Millionaire

I read The Accidental Millionaire by Stephanie Frank years ago. In it, she recounts her own rise to wealth. She wrote it at a time of career transition. It's an engaging story with lots of gold nuggets of wisdom. No reason it should languish.

Here's the book description of the current edition on Amazon:

Imagine…YOU as a millionaire in your own business. Look through the eyes of The Accidental Millionaire, Stephanie Frank, as she takes you on a journey of triumph and tears, laughter and loss while building not one but two multi-million dollar service businesses. Read and learn as she gives you the insider scoop – the strategies, secrets and truth for what it REALLY takes to achieve success, make the right decisions, break through barriers and become the powerful leader of your life. You will laugh, you will cry – but most of all, you will be inspired to take action

Linda Stirling, The Relaunch Queen, is helping Stephanie Relaunch this book. they're inviting people to join the team to help spread the empowering message of the book all over the web to help it rise up the Amazon sales ranks.

She's made it quick and easy to participate. If you're willing to spend a few minutes of time and 99 cents for the Kindle book during the launch period, that's all it takes to be involved.

Accidental Millionaire by Stephanie Frank Relaunch


Book Launch Bonuses

If you know smart, educated people who want to create a lifestyle business that gives them peace, purpose and prosperity - please share the re-launch of The "Accidental" Millionaire on April 10.

**** For those who buy between April 10-17 you get free stuff ****

  1. To - Do Today: The Creative Genius' Guide to Getting Stuff Done (FULL COURSE)
  2. The Success IQ Formula - The 12 Step Formula to Love Your Lifestyle (FULL COURSE)
  3. Blessings, hugs and air kisses from me.
TOTAL Value $197-FREE with the purchase of the book during Launch Week April 10-17.

How to Participate in the "Accidental" Millionaire Book Relaunch

Would you like to help out? It won't take that much time, nad you can learn about book marketing and launching/relaunching your own books.

  1. Join the launch team FB group
  2. Join the ThunderClap (takes under 1 minute)

I hope you'll join me and the rest of the team.

Please share this all over the social web!

Cheers to your #BlissfulLife!

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