Would You Give a Few Clicks to Help a Powerhouse Woman Entrepreneur ? “Accidental” Millionaire by Stephanie Frank Book Re-Launch

It's fun being part of the Relaunch. I've been sharing the book and asking people to take a few minutes to get involved.

Stephanie Frank is one of THE COOLESST women on the planet! She has created magic and miracles in the lives of thousands of people. Her autobiographical story, The Accidental Millionaire, has been out for some years,, and now she's re-launching it with the help of The Relaunch Queen, Linda Stirling.

A Slight re-Name

Since she doesn't really believe in accidens, she wanted to reflect her new perspective without re-titling her story, so now "Accidental" has quotes around it in the titl.

Please at least DO THIS NOW (a <1 minute ask)

Day 4 Thunderclap - Accidental Millionaire

I hope you'll join the launch team and pick up the book, but if you would at least do t his, I will feel very happy and appreciative!

Join the launch team FB group

99 Cent Kindle Promotion + Launch Week BONUSES!

releasing the new edition of her book on Kindle at 99 cents for a limited time, starting Monday, April 10.

Launch Update from Stephanie Frank

HIS IS GETTING SO EXCITING! For those of you watching the book re-launch, here are the latest stats:

This Group : 184 members
Thunderclap : 100 (and 1.8 Million reach)


(If you haven't pledged your support, please do so. The link is in the group description.

I'm feeling excited, ready and prepared. People are already asking about interviews, training, coaching etc. We are posting every day in various social media outlets, groups and engaging in conversations.

In 24 hours, we will begin the public preview postings. That will last for 4 days and then we have a campaign ready for the launch week.

I hope you're following along so you can do some great things with our own book on Amazon!

For those of you wonderful souls who have asked "What do I do"? Here it is:

1. Pledge your Thunderclap support (link is in the description)

2. Download your PDF of the book (it's in this group).

3. Prepare to write your review (or ask for help but don't post it yet).

4. We WILL be asking you to make a purchase next week. Please wait for instructions on that.

Huge shoutout to girl powerhouse and friends Adryenn Ashley Tomo Albanese Sage Lewis Michael Murdock Karen Griffard Putz Adam Heller Taylor Kay Stephens Lara Buckheit for doing some pre-re-launch great work and sharing so much.

How to Participate in the "Accidental" Millionaire Book Relaunch

Would you like to help out? It won't take that much time, nad you can learn about book marketing and launching/relaunching your own books.

  1. Join the launch team FB group
  2. Join the ThunderClap (takes under 1 minute)

I hope you'll join me and the rest of the team.

Please share this all over the social web!

Cheers to your #BlissfulLife!

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