They All Died Smiling Editing Woes

The path to publishing is paved with a lot of coffee, eyestrain, and repetitive proofreading. of my entire book front to back AND back to front.  There's an editing department, but SHEESH, it feels like nobody else has put eyes on my book once it passed my content editor except me.

They All Died Smiling: A Paranormal Suspense / Urban Fantasy Novel  Coming early 2018

.An unwanted gift...a hypnotic deception...a demonic coercion...

Kassidy Spence thought she was just making a typical Friday night commute home. Turns out she was about to dance with the devil. Her unwanted ability to sense demons once tore her world apart and she refuses to let it happen again.

But a hot new self-help book changes everything. Some who read it leave on a mysterious journey only to turn up dead, even stranger, they died smiling. Kass fears the author has sinister intentions, and even worse, a demonic alliance.

Her relentless search for answers leads her down dark demonic paths. Using her gift could save countless lives, but will she risk being brought to ruin?


They All Died Smiling Front CoverGalleys, or galley proofs, represent that stage between the final content editing and publishing. This is the time to work out any weird fomating glitches, find errors, and fix things up so that the book is as clean as possible before it goes live.

I'm on round 2, and there will be 1 last round.

Now it's proofreading time in preparation for publishing, and it's pretty much up to the blind girl. I've found errors. Some I legitimately madeand missed in the gillion times I've gone through this book, and others came from the transmutation process somehow. But I've learned a couple of really useful things.

The publisher suggests reading the book from last page to first in order to catch boo-boos. I did that, and it's helpful, but I've found an even better way to proofread.

I am getting really sick of reading my own book. I'm on my second time going through it BACKWARDS. I've also listened to the speech program read it, read it aloud last page to first, read oit silently last page to first, and now...

Proofreading Hack

Backwards, paragraph by paragraph.

This little hack is helping me find errors I missed when I read backwards by page, so the book will be that much cleaner.

Try it out and let me know how this works for you.

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