Writing Life Update for Ronda Del Boccio: They All Died Smiling paranormal Romance Coming Soon!

Welcome to 2018! I was glad to put 1 to bed. What about you? Just a rough year overall.

They All Died Smiling Is Almost Here!

Highlights from the latter part of that year included moving They All Died Smiling along its path to publication with The Wild Rose Press. This is a paranormal suspense book with a smattering of romance. I'll put the book descripion below in a moment. First, if you like t his genre and want to read a sample, please go to WriteOnPurpose.com/read to download that and some other goodies.

An unwanted gift...a hypnotic deception...a demonic coercion..

Kassidy Spence thought she was just making a typical Friday night commute They All Died Smiling Front Coverhome. Turns out she was about to dance with the devil. Her unwanted ability to sense demons once tore her world apart and she refuses to let it happen again.

But a hot new self-help book changes everything. Some who read it leave on a mysterious journey only to turn up dead, even stranger, they died smiling. Kass fears the author has sinister intentions, and even worse, a demonic alliance.

Her relentless search for answers leads her down dark demonic paths. Using her gift could save countless lives, but will she risk being brought to ruin?

Cover Art

isn'tmy cover artist amazing??? I am ThRILLED! Quite frankly, I was so anxious about what they would do to my cover. I had some ideas, but I'm no artist, and I was terrified I'd hate it.

Debbie's muse or myt muse or the stars or divinity or my guardian angel or SOMETHING was definitely helping her make the perfect representation for the book. Beyond the cool looks, there's some  hidden  meaning that I won't discuss YET. Just perfect IMO.

What do you think? Does it entie you to want to pick up the book and read the blurb or peek inside?

My 2018 Book Projects

My plate is definitely full t his  year, and that's the way I like it! Here's what's going on for me in 2018.

They All Died Smiling will come innto the world soon via The Wild Rose Press. I inted to speak to book clubs, paranormal groups, psychic enthusiasts, metaphysical bokstores, and similar groups. I'm looking for joint venture partners who can plus what I do so we can all reach more people by working together. This book is the first in the Reluctant Demon Hunter Series.

Hypnotic Deception the sequel to They All Died Smiling in which Kassidy faces down an enemy she discovered in the first book. I am about a third of the way through the first draft of this one.

Diva's Tail: A Memoir of Love and Trust shares  how my gorgeous golden retriever guide dog, Diva, nad I came together. 'll share my experiences at Leader Dogs for the Blind, her prison upbringing, and our early months together. At this point, I have an outline a couple fo chapters

Quick Tricks and Hacks for Authors: Not sure what the title will be yet, but this is a book of a bunch of hacks, reminders, nad time-saving tricks I use to help me, and I'm hoping they'll help authors as well.

Deadly Mist is a fantasy suspense novel, first in a series, about a teenage Faerie who got trapped in the mortal womb while still inside her mother. This tale has many twists and surprises. This book is complete. Right now I'm reading through the hole thing front to back to make any needed tweaks while I send it off to seek publication.

So as you can tell, I'll be a busy writer this year!

Stay tuned for another update on Tuesday, January 16. I'm doing an update the first and third Tuesdays of each month (at least for the winter season) and book reviews on hte other two Tuesdays.

What are your big gals and plans for the year? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers to your #BlissfulLife!

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