Instant Author Formula: Simple Ways to Write a Book Fast

Instant Author Formula: Simple Ways to Write a Book Fast
Genres: Business, Writing
Tags: Business, Recommended Books, Writing
Publisher: Write Bliss Press
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 50 pages
Writing a nonfiction book in order to showcase your expertise is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors...but it can be hard. These simple formulae make it incredibly easy to be seen as a thought leader!
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About the Book

Visionary - Entrepreneur - Speaker - Coach - Consultant: Dream of Being a Published Book Author but Afraid It's HARD? It's EASY when you follow 1 of these recipes!

Writing & Book Marketing Coach Reveals Super Simple Recipes for How to Write a Book

Looking for more qualified leads for business? The opportunity to take the most prestigious stages as a speaker? Prestige of Instant VIP status?

You may be afraid writing a book is a long, arduous task. Well, it can be, unless you have a guide.

Being the author of a book does all that and MORE for you!

But first, you have to actually WRITE the book. And that's where so many get stuck!

Can it really be easy to write a book?

Yes - with these 6 easy-breezy book writing "recipes"!

Here's what you'll discover in Instant Author Formula:

* Why being an author is essential for any visionary, entrepreneur or business owner
* What a nonfiction book buyer REALLY wants & how to deliver it
* The most important thing to do BEFORE starting to write
* Step by step guidance for 6 of the easiest methods for how to write a book
* 3 common mistakes you're likely to make and how to avoid them
* What the end of your book needs to do
* How to create book bonuses your reader will CRAVE in minutes
* bonus step by step course on how to write a book - value $997

You'll see the link to get your bonuses inside the book!

All delivered in a friendly, "cut to the chase" style! PLUS an exclusive opportunity

Your guide is multi-#1 bestselling author Ronda Del Boccio, the Celebrity Author Mentor, who serves as your writing and book marketing coach as you write, publish and promote your book.

Ronda is an international speaker and award-winning author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She also happens to be legally blind, and because of technology, she is able to mentor small business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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