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Self Publishing Course

Children's Book Publishing

I know zippity-doo-dah about writing and publishing children's books, but that's OK, because I found you the BEST resource! Children's Book Insider. Their membership is more affordable than a fancy coffee once a month!

Book Cover Design

DIY Book Formatting

DIY Self Publishing

Get Published -


This is a sticky wicket. There are some great companies, and some disreputable ones.

Check Predators and Editors and Whispers and Warnings to see what experiences are having with a publisher.

I am publishing with Oghma Creative Media and am well pleased. You get marketing help along with publishing.

Custom Publishing

While anyone CAN easily self publish using sites such as KDP or CreateSpace, working with a publishing professional may be the right choice to help you create a higher quality book.

Speak to a publishing professional.

Your VIP Publishing Partner is Kristen Eckstein,. Her company has published over 100 best selling books, and her quality standards are high. I trust her 100% with your legacy!

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