#AmReading: Crime Thriller A Lovely Murder by Lori Ericson

#AmReading is a big hashtag we avid readers use. We all like to know what others are reading, and it's fun to look over someone's shoulder, so to speak, to find out what has their interest right now. I read quite a bit, and people often ask me what I'm reading, so I figured I'd start sharing it here on WriteOnPurpose.com in a new subcategory under Blissful Life called #AmReading.

One of my current reads is a crime thriller called A Lovely Murder by Lori Ericson. I will be reviewing this book here on this site soon, so watch for that.  I love suspense, cozy mysteries, and thrillers (among other genres), so this book caught my interest.

This book is the second in a series, and I have NOT read the first. That isn't bothering me at all as I read. I don't feel I can't understand this book because of not having read A Lovely County.

A Lovely Murder by Lori Ericson - Book Description

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