FREE Story: An Angel Came” from I’ll Push You Steer, by Ronda Del Boccio

Important NOTE: This post originally came out December 20 of 20165. It is updated to reflect a publishing change. AWOC Books closed its doors, and my co-author and I just released the book on I'll Push You Steer: The Definitive Guide to Stumbling through Life with Blinders On on Kindle.

People around the world are celebrating miracles at this time of year, which is December, in case you read this some months in the future. Jews celebrate the miracle of the oil, Hindus the miracle of light, and Christians the miracle of the savior's birth, just to mention a few.

I'll Push You Steer Kindle cover

I was thinking about one of the stories in my first book, I'll Push You Steer, with my fabulous co-author and dear friend Bonnie Tesh. We each shared tales from our journey in what many would call "disability."

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One of my contributions, "An Angel Came," is the story of how myt belief trumped the church's teachings when I went to visit a comatose woman in the hospital. Martha was not expected to awaken.

Do you expect miracles? I do. P

lease enjoy "An Angel Came. I've posted just the beginning here. Those who have joined Ronda's Readers get the full tale free as a downloadable PDF.

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An Angel Came

by Ronda Del Boccio

from I'll PUsh You Steer: The Definitive Guide to Stumbling Through Life with Blinders On by Ronda Del Boccio and Bonnie Tesh

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