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I'm an Amazon Top Reviewer, and I oks on my website. My thoughts are relevant to authors as well as readers. #BookReviewer   #BookReview   #author   #writer  

For authors, you'll learn something about how to make your book awesome.
For readers, you'll know whether the book is something you'll enjoy.

Get details and find out how to request a review at

Book Review Opportunity for Authors | Write On Purpose
Would you like to have your book reviewed by an Amazon Top Reviewer? If I choose your book, I'll review it on Amazon and on my site, It's great to have Amazon reviews. Very important. And what a bonus to have reviews on other websites as well. Preferred genres include ...


Do You Have a COMPELLING Amazon Author Profile? Free Author Quick Class

What do people see when the scroll down to the author part of your Amazon book page? A blank face?

People need to be able to see your "street cred" if they dcon't already know and love  you. This 20 minute quick class shows you how to build a robut author profile that showcases YOU and helps you sell more books.

No registration required, but it's more fun to be there live.

See you there!

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Ronda Del Boccio
author, speaker, & SOcial Media Director for Oghma Creative Media
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Want to stand above other authors? and sell more books 

Book marketing isn't just hawking books. It's having a true presence online and off. People need to be able to see who you are and what you do.

When people see your book page on Amazon, they also see YOU. What are you showing them? A blank face with no info? or do you come across as a real pro with your website, Twitter, photos, videos and a robust bio?

Attend this 20 minute training and get the scoop on how to showcase you and your work. If you can't attend, you can watch the video later, but live is cool, because you can get started in real time on your author profile.

See you there!
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Ronda Del Boccio
Social Media Director, Oghma Creative Media
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FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors – How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can…

FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors - How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can Help You Sell More Books

Until last week, you couldn't offer pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle books. Now you can! Learn how tomake the most of this opportunity during this free miniclass.

It's LIVE right here, on the event page, Google+ and YouTube. And of course, that means it's recorded for your future education as well.

Get the scoop on weekly free mini-classes and get your free special report "7 Ways to Make Money While Still Writing  Your book" at

See you in class  Follow your BLISS,

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KDP Authors, did you know you can now sell pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle releases? It's super easy to do, and in this 20 minute quick class, I'll show you WHY to do it and how tomake the most of it.

This class is recorded and remains in YouTube, but I hope you can come live. Please ask any questions in the comments so I can serve y ou well.

Come back each week for a new mini-class for authors. What do YOU want to know more about? Please answer this super quick survey and let me know

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FREE Training: Authors, How Can You Be Social without Losing Your Day to Social Media…

FREE Training: Authors, How Can You Be Social without Losing Your Day to Social Media Sites?

This quick training teaches you how to check in with the networks you need to be in without losing your  whole day. It's a simple system. Join the training free now (or watch on YouTube later.

Register at for a "cheat sheet" to help you remember the 4 simple steps.

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This week's quick class - How to Be SOCIAL in ONLY 10 Minutes a Day

*Register now and get the CHEAT SHEET so you'll remember what to do*

Perhaps you've heard that as a author, you need to be EVERYWHERE.

But have you ever noticed that sites like Facebook can be a real time suck? 

Well, they can...if you let them! DUring this FAST webinar (20 minutes) you'll learn what I call "Making the Rounds," a technique for being super social on your top 5 sites in only 10 minutes.

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GREAT NEWS! Live Google Hangouts on Air Now Show in Google Search!

Imagine your ieal customer/reader is searching Google and they come upon the answer they're seeking from YOU, and you're doing a live event right then and there! That si what is now open to every   #author  . Read on for details.

Thank you +Denise Wakeman  & 
+Ronnie Bincerfor sharing!

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Your Live Hangout on Air Broadcast displayed on Search!
This is experimental... This is rolling out... Two phrases that mean you may or may not see this happen in your online world. But the idea that may show your Live HOA Broadcast when people search for relevant terms is quite wonderful!

Here is the official announcement page:

...And some text summarized from that page:
A live event will start to show up in search up to 3 hours before it starts.
Click "Watch Live Event" and you'll be taken to the Event Page. If the event is live, press the play arrow to watch, if it will be live later on, then choose "Yes" to the Are you going to watch? question and the event will be added to your Google Calendar along with some reminders.

So what can we do to help this happen for our broadcasts?
► Use HOA Titles that are relevant to searchers
► Schedule your HOA activity ahead of time so Google can find it
► Early on (before you broadcast) Edit/Add meta data to your HOA events via the YouTube Live Event interface... more relevant info helps Google surface your HOA in search... Video SEO tactics apply

To learn what you need to know about the HOA tools, join us in the membership community called Hangout Mastery... details at
=== ===
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h/t: +Peter Lunn +Kath Dawson +Bern Rexer +Craig Long for the find

Watch live events on Google - Search Help

We're rolling out an experiment where you can easily find YouTube live events or Hangouts on Air to watch by searching for the event on For example, if an author is answering questions


Authors: How Can You Get Rid of Blog Spam Comments FAST Forever?

WordPress comments are SO 20th century! And almost no real person ever makes a plain, old comment if it's not socially connected. Who would, right?

All you get in blog comments is junky, spammy comments from bots or "link bait whores" (people just trying to scam a backlink).

You can get rid of that junk once and for all when you come to this FAST (30 minute) hangout

Youll learn how to
* eliminate those nasty spam comments
* fast
* forever.
* getting high quality comments.
* using plugins that entice your audience.

The link is

Be sure to mark the date and time in your calendar.

Wednesday, Dec. 3 at noon Eastern.

Click "going" and this event will save to your Google Calendar.
you'll find out

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Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady
#1 bestselling author, speaker and mentor, today helping #author
 with #bloggingtips #stopspam #wordpresstips #wordpressplugins  


How readable Is Your Writing?

Most of the people who come to me for help writing a book hold PhDs or super specialized knowledge. It's so easy to use jargon or "$50 words" without realizing that you've lost most of your audience.

How can you make sure your writing is readable for your audience? You can follow this advice from +Write a Writing .

Being readable doesn't mean you're assuming the reader is dumb. It means you're being courteous and speaking like a real person, not like an "above it all" expert.

I hope you enjoy this! Say what you learned when you join the conversation.

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Check Your Readability Statistics
This post aims to show you how to check the #readability  level and statistics of your content in the most widely used word editor out there, #microsoftword .
In doing so, we will reveal how one click can reveal comprehensive counts (words, characters, paragraphs and sentences), averages (sentences per paragraph, words per sentences and so on), and readability level (passivity, Flesch Kincaid Level and much more).
Read on:

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This is your brain on stories!

Who doesn't love a good story? You love a good read or a good roll your eyes when someone gets BORING when talking about their latest exploits.

#storytelling   definitely changes you.

Maybe you haven't thought of what happens in the brain, but a #story changes your brain, quite literally!

You get spooked easily after watching a horror movie.
You cry when hearing a story of loss.
You get mad watching or hearing a story in which the main character is mad.

Here's some insight in this article, the "Science of Storytelling"

This piece is a great follow-up to the latest storytelling blog post on WriteOnPurpose:
Thanks +Paul McClelland  for bringing this story to my attention.

Follow your bliss!
Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady #thestorylady
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Reshared post from +Paul McClelland

I haven't thought about this before but it makes perfect sense

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains
A good story can make or break a presentation, article, or conversation. But why is that? When Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich started to market his product through stories instead of benefits and bullet points, sign-ups went through the roof. Here he shares the science of why storytelling is so uniquely powerful.


Authors: How Do You Make Your Readers Stick to You Like Glue Across the Web?

Ronda Del Boccio

As an Author - How Do You  Make Your Readers Stick to You Like Glue across the Web?

Any author keeps hearing how you need to develop your author platform because it helps you with book marketing and visibility.


Yet most authors make a huge mistake by being scattered all over the web without a unifying home base that readers come back to and spend time visiting and exploring.

Some people get hoards of readers and customers who hang on their every word and stick to them like Gorilla Glue.

Others spend their time chasing around the web only to get few customers and low website traffic.

What separates the profitable authors from the struggling ones?

Their people come back to them for more and more and more!

How can you get your reader to stick with you no matter where they find you?

...even through all the resources, books, products and other goodies you provide?

Discover how to cause customer cravings during this lively, interactive hangout!

You will discover:

  • Why you want people to spend time on your website not just in social
  • How search engines reward you for keeping people glued to you.
  • How to keep your reader stuck like glue to you

Ronda Del Boccio

Get ready for a lively teaching!

When: Friday, Nov. 8 at 11 AM EST

Where: Your computer

Your instructors:

*Ronda Del Boccio*, the Story lady, is a #1 bestselling author who has helped hundreds of authors get their books DONE and become bestselling authors.

"Kenergizer" *Ken Krell* is a successful multi-preneur who provides tools and training for service professsionals and other entreprenuers.

The call is recorded, however, you want to register for those reminders, for the special training, and for a super great chance to get a tool to help make all this easy for  you at a bargain introductory enrollment.

Register for the hangout to receive reminders plus a special video, "3 Ways to Get our Reader Interacting with You" at

Talk to you there!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

#1 bestselling author, speaker and mentor

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Need help using Pinterest?

+John Kremer is generously giving away this comprehensive special report. John always provides top notch resources and information, and you can download it without having to give up your name and e-mail.#pinterest #author

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John Kremer's Freebie of the Day: How to Use Pinterest

#Pinterest #freebie

John Kremer's Freebie of the Day: How to Use Pinterest
Today, as part of John Kremer's Freebie of the Day, you can download the following 70-page report: How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book, Supercharge Your Website, and Build More Traffic to You...


Book Marketing Help Getting Local Publicity

+John Kremer  is the undisputed king of book marketing, and this is an excellent interview with  Cy Tymony, who shares useful tips.

remember the simple and effective. Book promotion isn't just about flashy stuff. It's really about building relationships. You'll get that and more from this interview.

Share your AHA moments in the comments and please +1 and share this post.with your author friends. (Connecting with other authors is one of Cy's recommendations, after all!)

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Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more.

Some of Cy’s book marketing tips:

Make friends with other authors. Like them. Follow them. Help them out. Do it sincerely.

Getting local publicity. Make the news by setting up an event. Then invite the press. Smaller publicity hits lead to bigger publicity hits. PR snowballs to bigger and bigger audiences.

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20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Cy Tymony on Getting Local Publicity
Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more. Some of Cy's book marketing ti...


Could Crowd Sourcing Help You Get Your Book into the Hands of Those Who Crave It…

Could Crowd Sourcing Help You Get Your Book into the Hands of Those Who Crave It?

One of the most important tasks of any author is making sure your book fills a need and is wanted. It's important to know your ideal customer like she's your best friend so you know exactly what she wants and get it into her hands.

Crowd sourcing means you get pledges in advance for your book, and you offer premiums in exchange for those pledges, rather like +NPR or public television. It's an interesting idea, and a new platform specific to authors is rising.

Thanks to +Carole Jelen  for letting me know about Unbound, a new crows sourcing platform for authors. Here's what one of the founders says about it: (quote taken from the article quoted below):

"David Cummings, venture partner at DFJ Esprit, comments, 'What stands out about Unbound is that fans support the publication of books they want to own.' - See more at:

have you ever crowd funded a book or other project? What was your experience? Let's get a conversation going.

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Reshared post from +Growth Business UK

A new crowdfunding platform which helps authors and publishers has secured £1.2 million of growth capital from investors including DFJ Esprit #crowdfunding   #growth   #authors   #funding   #unbound  

Unbound raises £1.2 million to fund growth of writers-based crowdfunding platform
A new crowdfunding platform which helps authors and publishers has secured £1.2 million of growth capital from investors including DFJ Esprit.


Does Storytelling Change How You Think?

I just had an interesting conversation with my dear friend and colleague +Jason Oman about how much business using the internet has changed since he started over 10 years ago.

Then, "push marketing" worked. Push your stuff in front of people's faces and they're likely to buy. You could put up a product on the most popular site for info products and it was easy to get a bunch of people you never met to promote it for you

Today things are much different. Attention spans are shorter, trust is harder won, and there are a million town cryers trying to part people from their money.

What works? How do you get people's attention in an attention economy? Storytelling!

Storytelling is, I say, the second oldest vocation after motherhood. You know that a great book or movie can enthrall y ou for long periods of time, but do you know that storytelling  changes your brain?

This is a really good article by New Yourk Times #bestselling #author Jonathon Gottschall that +Birddog B2B shared.

What caught my attention in particular is the scientific proof of what those of us who love storytelling already know: That stories literally change your brain.

When you' hear, read or see a story unfolding, you r emotions get involved. As you'll read in the examples, an angry person in a movie will evoke that emotion in your brain even if you're in a good mood.

Check it out and feel the power of stories!

What story has caused you to take an action recently?

Have you voted for a contestant on #DWTS or #TheVoic because of their story?
Have you bought something or given a donation because the advert pulled your heart-strings?

Share in the comments below!

Follow your BLISS!
Ronda  #thestorylady

Reshared post from +Birddog B2B

Intrusive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did. What will replace the legacy model? Stories.

The Science Of Storytelling: How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing Else
Author Jonathan Gottschall discusses the science of storytelling--not just escapism stories have real power to hold human attention and shape our...


Google Hangouts Change the Landscape for Authors

Move over teleseminars, because +Google+  Hangouts are revolutionizing the way we communicate.

The +TODAY  Show Book Club will feature Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy..” The hangout is next month.

Could YOU expand your reach by hanging out with your readers and/or customers? 

What help would ou need to make this happen? Answer in the comments and feel free to share this post with your interested friends and colleagues.

Consider Google+ and hangouts on air (recorded video calls that live forever in Youtube) as a way to build your author platform.
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Added photos to TODAY Book Club: Chat live with 'Bridget Jones' author Helen Fielding.


Authors: Do you have a robust Amazon author Profile?

As an author, you want to sell more books, right? Here's one thing that will help, and it will take less than an hour to add to your toolbox.

You definitely want this piece of prime webreal estate. Go to and complete your author profile.  '

Your author profile is different from your customer and reviewer profiles. It's there to showcase your books. It's free and easy to complete, and once you have it up, just go back every season or so and give it a fresh look.

Why you want to complete your Author Central Profile

1. You should avail yourself of every possible advantage that's freely available to Amazon authors.

2. It gives you a place to hook up your blog so the posts show up on Amazon, show your latest tweet, add events, post videos, host  your bio, and otherwise enhance your author profile.

3. This author page will tend to rank high in search engine results for yuor name, your book, etc. When you pepper it with the right key phrases, it can help you get more traffic and customers.

Feel free to post YOUR Amazon Author Profile link in the comments. Mine's you can use mine as a template if you like!

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Ronda Del Boccio, #TheStorLady
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