Authors: how’s your linkedIn Profile?

have to admit I'm not a huge LinkedIn user. Oh, I go in every day and RIPL (my "social media quickie" technique for posting quickly to the main networks), but I don't hang out there. I do, however, have a strong profile.

Here are tips for rocking your LinkedIn profile so you can build a strong author platform..

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Amp Up Your Amazon Author Profile!

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Wouldn't you love it if helped you grow your author platform and find new readers?

They do! It's called Author Central, and you not only can but SHOULD get (or update) your account right this minute. It only takes a few minutes to set yourself up for success.

As an author of a published book (or a chapter/story in a published book), it's vitally important for you to have a robust Amazon Author Profile. That's how you really set yourself apart as a real professional author.

With your Author Central profile complete, you can:

  • Add your blog to Amazon so your new posts automagically appear.
  • Add your Twitter account so readers and potential readers can see your tweets.
  • Add photos and videos that make you come to life for current and possible customers.

Watch this video tutorial showing you about the power of your Amazon Author Central Profile: Continue reading "Amp Up Your Amazon Author Profile!"


Book Review of Psychological Thriller In Her Shadow by August McLaughlin

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Book Review: In Her Shadow, a Psychological Thriller by August McLaughlin

Welcome back to another Write On Purpose book review. Each week, I review a well-written book, highlighting what makes it good from the reader’s perspective and what writing skills and techniques make it an irresistible read. Thus, each review serves both writers and readers.

This week, it's a chilling and suspenseful tale of secrets, pain and torment. In Her Shadow  is August McLaughlin's debut novel.

In Her Shadow by August McLaughlin

5 Star Review GraphicRead my 5-star review.


Here is the book description from Amazopn:

One woman locked in a basement, nearing death and longing for escape. Another baffled by the inexplicable symptoms wreaking havoc on her life. Both are lost and alone, yet somehow connected. And time is running out...

Near the tenth anniversary of her parents' unexpected death, Claire Fiksen, a lovely young Harvard-grad and gifted psychologist in Minnesota, develops bizarre symptoms of an eating disorder that threaten her fledgling career, her relationship with a handsome young medical student, her grasp on reality and, soon, her life.
When her beloved grandfather reveals that there may be more to her parents' death than she's realized, Claire's pursuit of healing becomes a desperate search for answers as she delves into her family's sordid past. Meanwhile, someone is watching her every move, plotting to draw her into her own twisted web of misery.
Claire has something he needs, and he'll stop at nothing to obtain it. Every step Claire takes brings her closer to the truth and danger. And her life, she discovers, isn't the only one at stake.

This book began its journey as a memoir but became a thriller, one of Ms. McLaughlin's favorite genres. Now, time for my review: Continue reading "Book Review of Psychological Thriller In Her Shadow by August McLaughlin"


Will Author Events Help Your Author Platform or Waste Your Time?

Are author events worth all the time, preparation, and energy?

One of my author friends has been running all over the place peddling her book at flea markets. SHe's frustrated about the amount of time, gasoline and energy that are turning into precious few sales.

Plus, this isn't helping her build her audience. For most people, flea markets are NOT where your audience hangs out, right?

Author Profit Tip: Bo where your people are. speak, share, connect...while you're still writing your book! Get your free profit guide

I found this terrific article that should help you decide.. A huge thank-you to Deb  Vanasse

Here is the original article source

An onstage event: (left to right) Beth Hill, Seth Kantner, Peggy Shumaker, Joan Kane, and me.

I don’t mind telling you: I’m a tad exhausted, coming off two weeks of author appearances centered around my latest novel Cold Spell. For us author types, that much meet-and-greet can be grueling.

A friend of mine who has worked as a publicist asked if my publisher had arranged the events. Nope. I did that myself, though I had a lot of help from gallery owners and booksellers and college folks and a local writers organization. There was the launch, of course, and there were signings. But there was also a ticketed dinner event (sold out!), plus two “onstage” conversations and a workshop. At each appearance, I enjoyed the company of other authors, which made every event more enjoyable and better attended than it would have been had I gone solo.

A few tips for planning author appearances:

  • Venues: Although a few of my recent events were out of town, they were all within driving distance, which was a big relief to me. I enjoy travel, and if there’s a chance to connect it with books, so much the better. But as most authors will tell you, the traditional book tour is not nearly as glamorous as you might think, and it’s not especially good at getting books sold, either. For the most part, I chose local venues based on relationships I’d already built with the owners and managers.
  • Costs: The traditional book tour has two main objectives: to build relationships between authors and readers (including key readers, like booksellers) and to keep an author’s name out in front of audiences during the launch period. Is it cost-effective? Not really. From a publisher’s point of view, it’s more of a long-tail investment, getting their most popular authors out to meet and make fans. Regardless of how they’re published, some authors front the costs for their own book tours, but I haven’t run across any who’ve found it, dollar for dollar, to be a good investment. If there are places you’d love to visit or places you’re visiting anyway and you’re able to arrange author appearances there, great—you’ll enjoy the journey, and your expenses may even be tax-deductible, if your writing efforts qualify as a legitimate business with the IRS.
  • Occasion: Author appearances don’t have to be launch-related. It’s always a good idea to get out and meet readers at book signings, readings, and other events if you’re good at that sort of thing and you actively promote those events through your friends-and-fans network. My recent events were launch-related, but they also tied in with an annual event, Alaska Book Week, which I helped start a few years ago.
  • Audience: Don’t just expect people to show up. They’re busy, and even though you’re an author, that doesn’t make you famous. Line up your events well in advance (six months, at least, if they’re out of town), and think beyond the traditional reading/signing. Look for groups that might have an interest in your book or in your journey as an author. Or maybe there are workshops you could teach. If your appearances are value-added for the audience, with book sales taking second billing, you’re more likely to find interest.
  • Partners: Another way to expand your audience is to participate in well-conceived events featuring multiple authors. It’s more fun, too.
  • Preparation: If you’re reading, practice and—extremely important—time yourself. Any reading that lasts more than ten minutes, including the introduction, is probably too much. If you have more time to fill, engage your audience with slides, anecdotes, and the like. Your knees might be shaking, your onstage persona should exude charisma and confidence. Relax and have fun, and your audience will follow suit.
  • Numbers: You may not sell lots of books. But simply spreading the word about your appearances increases your visibility and draws attention to your book.
  • Blog tours: Because of the costs involved, many publishers now favor blog tours in which the publicist arranges guest blogs, interviews, and book reviews at well-read blogs and then turns the author loose to fulfill the assignments. No hotels, taxis, or airfare are required—only the author’s time. Lots of it. One friend of mine had to cover 100 blog stops for the launch of her book. Are blog tours effective? In theory, anything that gets you and your book in front of readers is helpful, and anything online has the advantage of creating a permanent presence for you and your book in the ever-expanding internet archives. If your publisher arranges one, you’re obviously going to participate, time suck or no; to refuse would be bad form. If you’re publishing on your own, consider whether the potential benefits are worth the time you invest. You can use the online service Alexa to make sure the blogs you’re touring are at least as well-trafficked as your own blog (assuming you have a blog). And as with most everything in publishing, be prepared for a lot of rejection (mostly in the form of silence) when you email bloggers asking for them to host a stop on your blog tour. I generally approach only those with whom I’ve developed some sort of personal connection, through social media or my fan base.
  • Party on: A new darling of the traditional publishing industry is the book launch party. But unless you’re a big, big name with a blockbuster title, they’re not offering to throw the party on your behalf; they want you to host a party and invite all your friends and sell a few books. All well and good—especially for the publisher, since they’ve invested nothing other than the suggestion—as long as you have the resources and enjoy that sort of thing. I like a party as well as the next person, but I agree with an author friend who points out, hey, we’re the writers—shouldn’t they be buying us drinks? If you want to celebrate your launch without breaking the bank, look for a no-host venue where your guests can buy their own food and drinks, preferably one that will allow you to sell and autograph books without charging you a percentage. Some authors even throw launch parties online, though to me that seems a stretch of what you can do with a keyboard. Maybe once someone invents virtual cocktails, the online launch party will catch on.

Your Author Platform

Book marketing benefits to speaking are just so-so. You probably won't sell a load of books at these events. But don't despair!

The biggest benefit to speaking at and attending events is not so much selling books. It's building relationships, connecting with your ideal reader, and building your author platform.

How will you apply this to your author journey?

For more author profit tips, watch for more on this blog and get your free profit guide at

"7SIMPLE Ways to Make Money from Your Book While You're Still Writing It" Special Report image



How Much Should I Guest Post?

Guest blogging can be a good way to get your name "out there" to people who might not otherwise find you, but should you take any and all guest posting ops? I say NO, and so does +Mark Traphagen  in thi terrific article. Be sure to read it.

Reshared post from +Stone Temple Consulting

Why Should I Guest Post on Fewer Sites?
Here's Why with Mark and Eric - Episode 7

+Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen of +Stone Temple Consulting discuss why it's better to concentrate your guest posting on a few good sites rather than spreading it across a larger number of sites.


MARK: Eric, in the past people traditionally felt, if I'm going to do a guest posting strategy, I want to become a writer and get my content out there, that it's good for my SEO if I've published on as many different domains as I can. Is that really necessary? Is it a good idea, or maybe even a bad idea?

ERIC: At this point, it's really a bad idea.

MARK: Really?

ERIC: The interesting thing about that is, I'm going to give you a simple math problem to think through. 

Let's imagine there are 100 domains in my space that I'm interested in, and there are 10 really good ones, 20 pretty good ones, 30 not so good ones, and 40 that are complete crap. 

MARK: Glad you were able to keep track of the numbers!

ERIC: Well, I knew it was a simple math problem. If I have this strategy that every time I do a guest post I'm going to put it in a different domain, and I start with the very high quality domains, what happens to the quality of domain I'm going to be posting on over time?

MARK: You're going to eventually use up those good ones, and you're going to start going down and down and down. 

ERIC: You're going to get to the crappy domains eventually, right? It's inevitable. So that's the first reason why you don't want to think about doing every guest post on a different domain. It's just a broken model of thinking in this day and age. 

The other reason is that...well, in fact, I'm going to explain this with an analogy. Imagine I came to you and said I just published an article in the New York Times. 

MARK: I'm impressed, Eric!

ERIC: There you go! Now I go away, and I come back tomorrow and I say, "Mark, I'm a columnist in the New York Times." 

MARK: Now I'm really impressed!

ERIC: Exactly, and the search engines get this. Real world authority, forget the search engines [for a moment], is built by repeat presence on those high-authority sites, rather than maximizing the number of sites I show up on.

The reality is those lower quality and crappy sites have very little audience. As you know, I'm a big fan of other people's audiences. [See Eric's article on leveraging other people's audiences at] But the crappy sites don't really have any audience. 

So repeat posting on those higher quality sites is going to get me in front of more people than any other strategy I could implement.

Now to bring the search engines back into the picture, they understand real authority now today better than they ever have before. So they get that that repeat relationship actually deepens the value of that link. 

The interesting thing about this is, it's counter to an old SEO maxim. That maxim came about because in the very early days of PageRank, people would go get site-wide links on very high authority sites. Maybe they bought them, right? So they're getting PageRank flow from millions of pages on these high authority sites, and they're rankings were soaring.

So Google made an adjustment in their algorithm at that time. The adjustment they made was like, "OK, all those links from that one site is actually one editorial vote, so we won't count the multiple links as much." That's where this logic came about that people decided it was better to be on as many domains as possible.

MARK: Just to get more links that would count.

ERIC: Right, because each different domain was essentially a fresh editorial vote. Well, no, not so much anymore. Yes, that sitewide stuff, Google's still going to deal really well with that. Don't start doing that again because of this video, please! 

But when it comes to a guest post strategy, or a by-line post strategy is the phrase I prefer these days, you really want to think about columns on authoritative sites. It's the best way to go. 

MARK: So rather than worrying about finding a whole bunch of sites to write on, concentrate on the few that you really want to have your authority associated with, and seek to develop a relationship with them where they're going to publish your content again and again and again, so you become, as you said, just like a newspaper columnist on that site. 

ERIC: You got it!


Adding Locations to Your Stories

Whether you're writing a novel, short story, creative nonfiction piece or something else, including well known places adds life to your tale.

Here's an example from the paranormal suspense novel on which I'm working, They All Died Smiling. Part of the book happens in Chicago, and thus some of the action occurs at places that anyone from the Windy City can recognize.

One scene happens at Lou Mitchell's, in business since 1923.. I have eaten at this landmark, but it has been abo9ut 3 decades since I was last in town.

Why did I choose this location? Because it's real, even if th4e staff and customers appearing in it are figments of my vivid imagination. Using real places brings an immediacy to a tale, even if the reader has never been there.

When you as the author have experienced something, you write about it with a depth of sensory detail that you may miss if you're writing about "some made-up restaurant."

One of the scenes happens in the Chicago subway and I share my real-life experiences of being rocked back on my heels by the wind of an approaching train with my character. Had I never been there, I might not know what it's like to be there. Members of my critique group said they appreciated the sensory details that make the experience come to life for them.

If you know me well, you may be surprised I'm writing a story that takes place here on earth. True, I often create worlds for fantasy stories. Yet even for those, I translate my experiences right here on terra firma to other worlds and realities.

Bestselling author Ruth Weeks said, "You are at an advantage as a blind person, because you focus on more than the visuals, and it comes out in your work."

How will you add real-world places to your stories? Answer in the comments, and feel encouraged to share this posts with your people.

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Lou Mitchell's Restaurant
Lou Mitchells - Chicago Restaurant - Breakfast


How Are Publishers and Authors Using Google Hangouts on Air to Reach Their Audie…

How Are Publishers and Authors Using Google Hangouts on Air to Reach Their Audience?

+Random House Books  is offering a #hangoutsonair   tonight. What a great way for authors and publishers to extend their reach!

You don't need to be a big publishing house to use Google Hangouts on Air either - that means a live video call that's recorded into YouTube in case you don't know what that means.

Consider how YOU can use hangouts to connect with your current readers and find new ones!

For more help mastering this amazing technology, enroll in Hangout Marketing Secrets This is a fabulous course. I took it and learned a lot.
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Reshared post from +Random House Books

In its enormously popular Selected Shorts live series, +Symphony Space together with +Vintage Books & Anchor Books will be honoring 2013 Nobel Prize laureate in Literature Alice Munro on Wednesday, January 22 at 7:30 PM EST

Around 7:45, Alice Munro will make a rare live appearance via Google+ Hangout, for you and the world to see! She will be in conversation with acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood. 

You'll definitely want to confirm your attendance below!

Alice Munro has published thirteen collections of stories as well as a novel, Lives of Girls and Women, and two volumes of Selected Stories. During her distinguished career she has been the recipient of many awards and prizes, including three of Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Awards and two of its Giller Prizes, the Rea Award for the Short Story, the Lannan Literary Award, England’s W. H. Smith Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Man Booker International Prize. In 2013 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her stories have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, The Paris Review, Granta, and other publications, and her collections have been translated into thirteen languages. She lives in Canada.

Margaret Atwood, whose work has been published in thirty-five countries, is the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. In addition to The Handmaid's Tale, her novels include Cat's Eye, short-listed for the Booker Prize; Alias Grace, which won the Giller Prize in Canada and the Premio Mondello in Italy; The Blind Assassin, winner of the 2000 Booker Prize; Oryx and Crake, short-listed for the 2003 Man Booker Prize; The Year of the Flood; and her most recent, MaddAddam. She is the recipient of the Los Angeles Times Innovator's Award, and lives in Toronto with the writer Graeme Gibson.


Need Help Formatting Your Digital Book?

Formatting a book for Kindle, Nook or other vendors should be super easy, but sometimes it's a true pain in the behind. While anything can be changed, wouldn't it be better to have a useful tool to make the job easy:?

Here are a few quick tips followed by a tool.

1. Keep it simple.
Stick to things like bold, italic, and basic lists.

2. Center images. Don't try wrapping text around them.
People read on a Kindle or other device at varying font sizes. Wrapping text seldom works and isn't necessary.

3. Don't waste tons of your precious time on something as mundane as formatting.
Outsource it to Fiverr or use a tool like the one below.

Check out this Formatter.- it takes the stress out of preparing y your book.

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Join the Conversation!
Join the Conversation!


Free Kindle Book Today: What Are Good Ideas for Book Marketing Online and Offli…

Free Kindle Book Today: What Are Good Ideas for Book Marketing Online and Offline?

+Kristen Eckstein , Awakened Publishing faculty for, is giving away a free Kindle book for a limited time.

You'll get some book marketing basics, then specific ideas for online and "real world" book marketing. The book is tightly focused, so you wont be distracted by something you don't want to know right now.
Get your copy free today

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#freekindlebooks   #bookmarketing Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off eBook: Kristen Eckstein: Kindle Store
Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off - Kindle edition by Kristen Eckstein. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off.


Innovative Book Marketing Idea for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors

Imagine creating an mp3 audio of your book and giving it away when someone buys your Kindle book (or print book for that matter) when they opt in.

That's what +Shelly Hitz is doing. Get the Kindle book for 99c and the mp3 download FREE.

If you decide to do this be sure the audio is high quality.

Does this sound like something you can do?

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Reshared post from +Shelley Hitz

We worked tirelessly last week to finish the production of the audiobook "21 Stories of Generosity" so that we could have it ready for our launch today.   And right now you can get both the eBook and AudioBook version for just $0.99.  Plus, you can enter to win over $50 worth of Christian AudioBooks.  Check it out here:

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How Can an Author Use Pinterest?

You may be ON Pinterest, but are you using it well? Here are 7 tips frin +Diana Lesire Brandmeyer . Thanks to +Heather Hart  for bringing it to my attention so I could share it with you!What tip will you sct on today?   Join the conversation and share your answer.

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Ronda Del Boccio

Reshared post from +Heather Hart

7 Tips for Using Pinterest as an author from Diana Brandmeyer

7 Tips for Using Pinterest as an Author
Pinterest is a great tool for marketing your books, but it's only helpful if you know how to use it. Here's 7 step checklist to get you started...


How do YOU Define Fantasy?

Is it escapism? I agree with the quote below. Fantasy is a viewpoint or "headspace" or way of perceiving what is real.

I love writing fantasy because it offers more fun and interesting ways to twist reality and show innovative options.

What about YOU?

If you enjoy humorous fantasy, you'll probably have fun with A Tasty Morsel

Reshared post from +Quotes Worth Sharing

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it." - Lloyd Alexander


How Do You open Your Story? 7 Great Openers

This article from +Writer's Digest  is geared for novelists, but it is equally useful for anyone writing short stories. I write body, as well as nonfiction.

This week, I've written 3 short stories so far, and of the 7 great openers mentioned in this article, I've used 3 different ones. Overall, establishing a character's voice and setting the  mood are the methods I like most.

Each story asks for its what it needs. The trick is to listen and follow the lead.

How did you open your most recent story?

#writingtips #authortoolbar #fictionwriting  

Reshared post from +Writer's Digest

7 Ways to Create a Killer Opening Line For Your Novel
Here are several different approaches to help you nail that perfect first sentence (or two).

7 Ways to Create a Killer Opening Line For Your Novel |
Writing a dynamite first line that captivates readers and encourages them to read on is difficult. Here are several different approaches to writing a killer opening line (and examples from classic novels to accompany each).


How Did Smashwords Authors Do in 2013?

Smashwords is 1 of the ways people can publish to Kindle, Nook & other e-formats. I have personally not used it, but authors using the service appear to be earning well.

Thanks +Gary McLaren for bringing this to my attention.

have you used Smashwords? What was your experience? I look forward to having you join the conversation!

Follow your B.L.I.S.S.!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

#indieauthors #digitalpublishing

Reshared post from +Publish Your Own Ebooks

Smashwords Reports Author Revenue Was Up 33% in 2013

Authors' sales were $20 million, up 33% from $15 million the year before. There are now 275,000 titles (up 45%) and 83,000 authors (up 42%).

#indiepublishing #indiepub

Smashwords Year in Review 2013 - Indie Authors the Stewards of Publishing's Future
Welcome to my annual Smashwords year in review. It was another amazing year. On behalf of all employees at Smashwords, I want to start by thanking every Smashwords author, publisher and agent that publishes and distributes wi...


Authors: Why Switch to Google Plus?

Google Plus has so many advantages over Facebook for authors. Your people really ARE in G+.  +Carole Jelen wrote an excellent article talking about the powers Google+ brings to you, so I'm sharing her work.

It's still good to have a presence in fb, LinkedIn and Twitter , but my efforts are in G+ primarily. Read this to see why you might want to do the same.

One advantage I'd like to share that isn't in her article is that when  you have a Google+ Community (same as a fb group but they call it a community), you can have categories for posts so you're not answering the same questions repeatedly.

Something I love that you'll read in the article is the power of Circles. So much better than the fb friends list. Check it out.
Follow your B.L.I.S.S.!


What's your biggest "aha"? Share your tips and takeaways.

#googleplushelp #googlepluscommunities #googlepluscircles  

Reshared post from +Carole Jelen

Google + strategy advantages? Definite YES, but bad idea to quit a Facebook fan page. Authors continue to need a showcase for books in the highest-traffic multiple locations. (covered in Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules coming in May 2014)

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+ - The 7 Pillars Book
Why you must move from Facebook to Google+


Engage, Don't Preach: Communicating in a We First Age

It can be hard to move from the mindset of "announcing" to one of "sharing" or engaging. The old way was to announce "I have posted a new blog post." But today, who cares?????

Humanizing - coming across as a human b eing,not a company spokesperson, is important. +Simon Mainwaring  has an excellent article to help you get your people talking.

Please read it and join the conversation. What is the most useful or surprising tip you learned? thanks, Simon!

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Reshared post from +We First

Number 1: Engage your community in dialogue rather than impose a corporate monologue... 

Top ten ways to instantly humanize your brand | We First Blog
Each day more eyeballs and advertising spend migrates online, intersecting with social media and technologies that place new expectations on a brand. The social revolution currently under way is as profound as the digital revolution that transformed the marketplace fifteen years ago.


Authors: How Can You Get Rid of Blog Spam Comments FAST Forever?

WordPress comments are SO 20th century! And almost no real person ever makes a plain, old comment if it's not socially connected. Who would, right?

All you get in blog comments is junky, spammy comments from bots or "link bait whores" (people just trying to scam a backlink).

You can get rid of that junk once and for all when you come to this FAST (30 minute) hangout

Youll learn how to
* eliminate those nasty spam comments
* fast
* forever.
* getting high quality comments.
* using plugins that entice your audience.

The link is

Be sure to mark the date and time in your calendar.

Wednesday, Dec. 3 at noon Eastern.

Click "going" and this event will save to your Google Calendar.
you'll find out

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Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady
#1 bestselling author, speaker and mentor, today helping #author
 with #bloggingtips #stopspam #wordpresstips #wordpressplugins  


Are you using all the senses in your writing?

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with your writing and to use only a couple of the senses. But remember, there are five senses! More if you believe in intuition.

+Writer's Relief shares this excellent article to help you create a more vivid experience for the reader.

Please read it now and share your insights!

Follow your B.L.I.S.S.


Reshared post from +Writer's Relief

We’re all told to “use the five senses” for evocative description. But most writers miss out on this one key sense without even realizing it.

Do you?

The Forgotten Fifth Sense: Are You Making Use Of ALL The Senses In Your Writing? - Writer's Relief, Inc.
Using the five senses in your writing? There’s one sense everyone forgets! Read this to avoid this common writer mistake.


How readable Is Your Writing?

Most of the people who come to me for help writing a book hold PhDs or super specialized knowledge. It's so easy to use jargon or "$50 words" without realizing that you've lost most of your audience.

How can you make sure your writing is readable for your audience? You can follow this advice from +Write a Writing .

Being readable doesn't mean you're assuming the reader is dumb. It means you're being courteous and speaking like a real person, not like an "above it all" expert.

I hope you enjoy this! Say what you learned when you join the conversation.

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#author #writing #readability #writingtips  

Reshared post from +Write a Writing

Check Your Readability Statistics
This post aims to show you how to check the #readability  level and statistics of your content in the most widely used word editor out there, #microsoftword .
In doing so, we will reveal how one click can reveal comprehensive counts (words, characters, paragraphs and sentences), averages (sentences per paragraph, words per sentences and so on), and readability level (passivity, Flesch Kincaid Level and much more).
Read on:

#essaywriting   #writers   #writingtips  


#026 How Do I Keep My reader Reading My Book? Awakened Author Adventure Episode 26

#026 How Do I Keep My Reader Reading My Book? Awakened Author Adventure Episode 26

Welcome to the Awakened Author Adventure free writing podcast, where visionaries like you come for resources, tools and direction to help you write, publish and share your life-changing book!

Each week you get help in 1 of the 5 keys to author success in the BLISS Butterfly System, including how to write a book, book marketing help and more.

Your guide on this adventure is #1 best selling author, speaker and mentor Ronda Del Bocciothe Story Lady, (namely me). I’m PASSIONATE about turning world-changers into bestselling authors with grace, joy and ease.

Today’s teaching comes from the  I in the BLISS System for publishing –  which is to say imprinting your message into people's hearts and lives.

. This is the Tuesday audio message for Awakened Author Premium Members that you get to hear. It's your peek behind the curtain into making your dreams come true for your book and beyond!

Publishing a book, a video, a podcast, a blog post… means giving your ideas form. No more are you going to become an author someday. You can write it NOW following the simple tips and templates for authorship that you hear each week in this free podcast.

BLISS Butterfly - Follow your bliss - Follow Your B.L.I.S.S. - Celebrity Author Mentor - Book Marketing Coach - Ronda Del Boccio

IMPRINT - Follow Your BLISS Poster - BLISS Butterfly - Write on Purpose

Theme of the Week –  Mesmerizing Middles!

.Last week's theme was Strong Starts. You can hear that message in Episode 25.

This week is all about how you can create mesmerizing middles and keep up momentum. Today's message for free listeners is about keeping up your publishing momentum.

It's all too common for authors to get excited about podcasting or creating videos or being on a new-for-you social network…only to lose momentum a few weeks later.

ITunes is littered with podcasts of 10 episodes or less, because the podcaster couldn't or didn't choose to keep up with the workflow of regular episode production.

So often, someone gets excited about blogging..for a few days or weeks. Then pretty soon it's more than a month since the last post.

This sporadic production or waning wandering is NOT the way to build your author platform! You want to keep up your momentum, and this week's episode will help you do just that.


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Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

#1 bestselling author, mentor and speaker

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This is your brain on stories!

Who doesn't love a good story? You love a good read or a good roll your eyes when someone gets BORING when talking about their latest exploits.

#storytelling   definitely changes you.

Maybe you haven't thought of what happens in the brain, but a #story changes your brain, quite literally!

You get spooked easily after watching a horror movie.
You cry when hearing a story of loss.
You get mad watching or hearing a story in which the main character is mad.

Here's some insight in this article, the "Science of Storytelling"

This piece is a great follow-up to the latest storytelling blog post on WriteOnPurpose:
Thanks +Paul McClelland  for bringing this story to my attention.

Follow your bliss!
Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady #thestorylady
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Reshared post from +Paul McClelland

I haven't thought about this before but it makes perfect sense

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains
A good story can make or break a presentation, article, or conversation. But why is that? When Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich started to market his product through stories instead of benefits and bullet points, sign-ups went through the roof. Here he shares the science of why storytelling is so uniquely powerful.


Authors: How Do You Make Your Readers Stick to You Like Glue Across the Web?

Ronda Del Boccio

As an Author - How Do You  Make Your Readers Stick to You Like Glue across the Web?

Any author keeps hearing how you need to develop your author platform because it helps you with book marketing and visibility.


Yet most authors make a huge mistake by being scattered all over the web without a unifying home base that readers come back to and spend time visiting and exploring.

Some people get hoards of readers and customers who hang on their every word and stick to them like Gorilla Glue.

Others spend their time chasing around the web only to get few customers and low website traffic.

What separates the profitable authors from the struggling ones?

Their people come back to them for more and more and more!

How can you get your reader to stick with you no matter where they find you?

...even through all the resources, books, products and other goodies you provide?

Discover how to cause customer cravings during this lively, interactive hangout!

You will discover:

  • Why you want people to spend time on your website not just in social
  • How search engines reward you for keeping people glued to you.
  • How to keep your reader stuck like glue to you

Ronda Del Boccio

Get ready for a lively teaching!

When: Friday, Nov. 8 at 11 AM EST

Where: Your computer

Your instructors:

*Ronda Del Boccio*, the Story lady, is a #1 bestselling author who has helped hundreds of authors get their books DONE and become bestselling authors.

"Kenergizer" *Ken Krell* is a successful multi-preneur who provides tools and training for service professsionals and other entreprenuers.

The call is recorded, however, you want to register for those reminders, for the special training, and for a super great chance to get a tool to help make all this easy for  you at a bargain introductory enrollment.

Register for the hangout to receive reminders plus a special video, "3 Ways to Get our Reader Interacting with You" at

Talk to you there!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

#1 bestselling author, speaker and mentor

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Need help using Pinterest?

+John Kremer is generously giving away this comprehensive special report. John always provides top notch resources and information, and you can download it without having to give up your name and e-mail.#pinterest #author

Reshared post from +John Kremer

John Kremer's Freebie of the Day: How to Use Pinterest

#Pinterest #freebie

John Kremer's Freebie of the Day: How to Use Pinterest
Today, as part of John Kremer's Freebie of the Day, you can download the following 70-page report: How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book, Supercharge Your Website, and Build More Traffic to You...


How does sharing your story help you connect with your ideal reader or customer?

How does sharing your story help you connect with your ideal reader or customer?

Stories are human glue. Stories unite people like nothing else, because by listening generously and sharing truthfully, the barriers that seem to divide one person from another melt away.

Please watch this Interactive storytelling presentation and you will discover how to tell your own hero's journey story.

The hero's journey is your zero to hero story of overcoming challenges to end up on top.

A huge thanks for making this video go to +Andy Brine  Andy Brine.
And for more help with sharing your #hero story, check out the Story Power streaming video seminar which goes in more depth than this YouTube video. It's at

#story #storytelling #thestorylady #authenticity

Reshared post from +Andy Brine

Authentic Customer Connection: Hero's Journey Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

Last night I have the pleasure to co-host the we following event with +Ronda Del Boccio . We spoke about The Heros Journey and how you can use the structure to create authentic connections with your clients. We also touch on how you can you it to increase your authority and credibility in your marketplace.

You can find out more by watching the video below. 

#authenticconnections   #authenticvideo   #storytelling   #theherosjourney   #businesscommunication  


Book Marketing Help Getting Local Publicity

+John Kremer  is the undisputed king of book marketing, and this is an excellent interview with  Cy Tymony, who shares useful tips.

remember the simple and effective. Book promotion isn't just about flashy stuff. It's really about building relationships. You'll get that and more from this interview.

Share your AHA moments in the comments and please +1 and share this post.with your author friends. (Connecting with other authors is one of Cy's recommendations, after all!)

#author #writing #bookmarketing   #bookpromotion  

Reshared post from +John Kremer

Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more.

Some of Cy’s book marketing tips:

Make friends with other authors. Like them. Follow them. Help them out. Do it sincerely.

Getting local publicity. Make the news by setting up an event. Then invite the press. Smaller publicity hits lead to bigger publicity hits. PR snowballs to bigger and bigger audiences.

#publicity #bookPR #bookmarketingtip #authors #books #ebooks

20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Cy Tymony on Getting Local Publicity
Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more. Some of Cy's book marketing ti...