Live the Plan: 2 Easy Ways to Boost Motivation

I've had such a good time using a paper planner, decorating it with fun stickers, and being creative while I stay on task. But I recently discovered that a lot of people who ove creating a plan fall short on living the plan.

I'm a "plantser." Yes, I plan some things, but I can't be rigid. It just isn't in my nature. I'm also a "pantser" going by the seat of my pants. I think you can be both and have a super happy life, somewhat planned and organized and somewhat free-flowing and intuitive.

One of my planner friends said her issue was motivation. She said, "I have no real excuse."

No judgment here. Please don't call yourself lazy or any similar word if you fall into this category.

I gave it some deep thought, and I think the motivation issue may arise because of being too hard on yourself. Here is a video with 2 quick tips to help you live the plan! Watch now! Continue reading "Live the Plan: 2 Easy Ways to Boost Motivation"


Ronda Del Boccio, Now Award-Winning ARTIST

Having a BLISSful life means doing what you love to do, whether as a hobby or as your vocation. I am so grateful to do both. I adore writing, and I also enjoy singing and creating art. Being around animals and good friends are also a big part of my bliss, and I get those too!

I've never entered an art contest before now. I entered the Ozarks Writers League Art and Photography Contest this year. We had a number of excellent entries, and I am honored to be among the winners.

I guess I should point out that I'm mostly blind, so when I paint, my face is VERY close to my work. I entered a couple pieces made with Sculpey clay and painted, a candle that I made and painted the glass, and an incense burner.

Here is my prize-winning suncatcher.

Suncatcher on oval plexiglass background with flowers, leaves, butterflies, and a dragonfly - 3rd place winner, Ozarks Writers League Art Contest

Here are all the contest winners. Continue reading "Ronda Del Boccio, Now Award-Winning ARTIST"


BLISSful Life: 3 Small Changes that Freshen Up Your Space

My home will never make it to a magazine spread, and that's fine. Jemma's dog toys are everywhere. Two blankets adorn the couch, ready to warm the chilled. Interesting geodes rest on the windowsills. I often burn incense or use a plug-in light with scent (by Joy Mangano). Dog hair festoons everything, because there's just no way to shellac my golden retriever's hair to her body and keep those magical fibers of love and joy from floating everywhere. (sigh). She's worth it, though.

Nothing fancy. Universally, people who come to my home comment, "I feel so comfortable and at ease here." That's better than the cover of any magazine for me, because that is how I want my living space to feel, both to me and to visitors. Comfy is good.

Here are 3 ideas for freshening up your space and making it delightful so you can have a BLISSful life. Continue reading "BLISSful Life: 3 Small Changes that Freshen Up Your Space"


Happiness Is a Hot Cup of Coffee

Coffee is part of my blissful life. You can watch for and use the hashtag #BLISSfulLife to experience awesomeness.

I love a good cup of coffee. I enjoy being able to sit on my screened-in deck with beautiful Jemma dog beside me on her cushion and birds singing all around me.

While I'm writing, I require coffee. It helps me stay in the flow.

Morning ritual: coffee outside in the conference room

Coffee is not about the caffeine. It's about the palate. The taste. The smell. The experience. Drinking coffee is a delightful gestalt of pleasant experiences.

BLISS Coffee Mug from Zazzle

For my morning deck coffee, I'm content with the Follow your BLISS mug with butterflies, because I'm drinking the brew straight away. It cools off some, but I finish before it's cold.

WHile writing, I get really annoyed when I go for a sip and the delightful beverage is cold. Sure, I can use the microwave, but then I have a couple warm sips and it cools off again before I want more. Plus I don't like irradiating my food. As is, I only use my microwave for things like warming coffee, and it's in shock on those few occasions I ask it to work.

SO I decided perhaps a thermal mug is the answer for writing coffee. Just then, I received an offer to review a Liquid Savvy 18 oz thermal container at a steep discount in exchange for an honest review. I love it when that happens!

I've been giving the mug a workout with things like coffee and lemonade. Did this do the trick? Continue reading "Happiness Is a Hot Cup of Coffee"