Images are the new call to action!

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indeed, +Peg Fitzpatrick . Bad news for blind authors! heehee #artofsocialReshared post from +Omi Sido

SEO Tip of the day

"Images are the new call to action (CTA). If people come to your blog and can’t share it easily, they won’t." - +Peg Fitzpatrick

A good tip from +Peg Fitzpatrick (Author • speaker • rockin' a positive attitude • passionate about social media • innovative idea girl • visual marketing maverick • naturally caffeinated • Google+ evangelist • travelista • and so much more.
Co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users with Guy Kawasaki. ) in this article:

Other tips coming from +Peg Fitzpatrick in the same article (

" Choose the right size

Cover photo 851 x 315 pixels
Facebook post 940 x 788 pixels
Facebook ad for a Page 1,200 x 444 pixels
Avatar size upload 180 x 180 pixels, preview 160 x 160 pixels

Cover photo 2,048 x 1,152
Google + post 800 x 600 pixels
Avatar size 250 x 250 pixels minimum

Image 640 x 640 pixels – 1:1 aspect ratio
Profile photo 180 x 180 pixels

Header image 1,500 x 500 pixels
Tweet image 1,000 x 500 – 2:1 aspect ratio
Profile photo 400 x 400 pixels

Channel art 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
Video thumbnail 1280 x 720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels)
Channel icon  800 x 800 pixels

Pin 735 x 1,100 pixels – ideal size for a long, vertical image
735 x 735 pixels "

Note: Everything included in the quotation marks above is a direct quotation from the +Peg Fitzpatrick' article: Quick Tips for Great Social Media Graphics(

The awesome graphic that you see attached to this post was created following one of the tips in the article (article by +Peg Fitzpatrick) use And it only took me 5 min 🙂

PS None of the quotes above should be associated in anyway with Royal Sofia (


Free Mini-class for Authors: How Do I Set Up and Use the Facebook Call to Action Button on My Author Page?

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This week's training: Thursday, Jan. 29 at 11:01 AM-11:21 AM ET

How to Set Up Your Facebook Author Page Call to Action Button

Facebook has a really cool new way to get customers right from Facebook. It's called the "call to Action Button."

Facebook now lets authors add a call to action button to your author page. This video invites you to a short, actionable training on:

  • How to set up your Facebook author page call to action button
  • How to decide where to send people from that button
  • An under-used ways to get more traffic and exposure right in your Facebook page or profile cover (in under 2 minutes)
  • Sell more books with the call to action button

This week's class: Thursday, Jan. 29 at 11:01 AM-11:21 AM ET

YES, the training is recorded! So please do sign up.

But if you're not there, you can't get personalized help!

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See you ther!

Follow your BLISS,

Ronda Del Boccio, best selling author, speaker & top reviewer


Pinterest for Authors Video Training: How Do I Use Pinterest to Sell More Books?

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This is a video training about Pinterest for authors.

You'll discover:

  • How to set up boards.
  • How to follow someone without drowning in their pins.
  • How to use Hashtags to connect with readers.
  • How to link pins to your money pages.
  • and more.

Save the video to your 'watch later" playlist! .

Need more help with social media marketing for authors? Effortless Social Media teaches you simple ways to connect using social media.

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Book Marketing tips: Authors: Why Use Hashtags?

I've noticed a lot of confusion among my author friends about hashtags. What are they really? Should I bother with them? Are they important? So here's the 411 on hashtags for authors.

What are hashtags?

They're an organizational tool.  Put the hashtag into any social network and you're instantly taken to a list of posts using that hashtag. They are clickable links. Search #cookierecipes #HistNovel  or #BookMarketingTips, or something relevant to your writing..

Hashtags For Authors

Are Hashtags only for Twitter?

No. Go into Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+...any of them...and see what happens when you use one.

Why Hashtags for Authors?

They make it easy for you to target your material and also to connect with other readers. Posting

  • If you write young adult novels, #YaLit is a good tag for you.
  • If you write paranormal romance, use #paranormalromance when you post.

Connecting with Readers by Genre & Interest

  • Put the hashtag into search that represents your genre, such as #MGLit for middle grade literature.
  • Put a term relating to the topic or interest of your book, such as #Scotland, #Baking, etc..

Here's an example. Sorchia DuBois wrote Just Like Gravity, an awesome #ParanormalRomance about #reincarnation taking place in Scotland featuring #LaPhroaig Whiskey. She can use those hashtags to connect with readers by both genre and interest.

Video Tutorial about Hashtags for Authors

Watch the video.

Genre Hashtags

  • #Biopic
  • #Book
  • #Comedy
  • #Cookbooks
  • #Cooking
  • #Crime
  • #DarkFantasy
  • #Dystopian
  • #Erotica
  • #KidLitChat
  • #FanFic
  • #Fiction
  • #FlashFic
  • #Food
  • #Historical
  • #History
  • #HistFic
  • #HistNovel
  • #Horror
  • #KidLit
  • #Literature
  • #LitFic
  • #MGLit (Middle Grade Lit)
  • #MemoirChat
  • #Mystery
  • #NonFiction
  • #Novel
  • #Paperbacks
  • #Paranormal
  • #Recipes
  • #RomanceWriter
  • #Romance
  • #Romantic
  • #RomanticSuspense
  • #RWA (Romance Writers of America)
  • #SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators)
  • #Science #Fiction
  • #ScienceFiction
  • #SciFi
  • #SciFiChat
  • #Short
  • #ShortStories
  • #Short #Stories
  • #ShortReads
  • #ShortStory
  • #SteamPunk
  • #Suspense
  • #TrueStories
  • #UrbanFantasy
  • #WomensFiction
  • #YA

Here's a huge list for hashtags for authors. I hope the tutorial helps demystify hashtags. More, I hope you'll use them to connect with readers and influencers.

More Social Media help for Authors

The multimedia self-study course called Effortless Social Media for Authors helps you quickly master social media. You'll learn: A simple way to hit all your networks in 10 minutes a day. Insights into how each networks so you connect without getting in trouble Quick and easy tutorials like this one. Videos, audios and text to support your preferred learning style. Right now, Effortless Social Media for Authors is only $7. Go to  and get started right away. Follow your BLISS, Ronda Del Boccio #1 best selling author and speaker


How to Throw a Book Launch Party: Spreading the Word

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It's fun to learn from what others do and use that information to help me improve my own results, so I am doing a series of articles about hosting a book launch party. Recently, I've attended my first book launch celebrations, and I saw some things that worked well and some that didn't. So today is all about spreading the word. Questions I think about include:

  • How far ahead to tell people?
  • How best to invite them?
  • What sort of follow-up?

Graphic for Hosting a Book Launch Party article series on

Offline Book Launch Party Promotion

Save the Date Postcard One author sent out 2 cards, the first of which was a "save the date" postcard. I thought this was a good idea, but I'm not sure it increased attendance. It came a couple months ahead of the celebration.

  • The good: Advance notice
  • The bad: No author website on the card! UGH!

Invitation Card This card cae out about a moth ahead, including all the details on where and when.

  • The good: Details were there about where/when
  • The Bad: The author put the ENTIRE CARD in black. I can't think of anything harder to read against than black, unless there's big white type. Bad move!
  • Better: For her theme, the black made sense, but do that for the front where there are few words. Make the inside with the details white with black or blue lettering. And for goodness sake, don't use a swoopy font! Make it easy for the guest to read all the details. and put the author website there, preferably with a link to where they can get directions.

Final SNail Mail Reminder The author did NOT do a final postcard, and I think this would have helped. Have you ever lost a card that you got several weeks ago? Sure you have. People were scrambling around Facebook looking for where the event was posted, and that was all rather hodge-podge trying to locate the pertinent details.

Online Book Launch Party Promotion

Facebook Event Since a lot of people use Facebook, an Event page is advisable, so nobody will think it's just to much work to figure out where to go no matter how they found out about the festivities. Setting up the event is super easy. Go to your Facebook author page and click on events, then add event. Put all the details there and build up excitement as the event approaches. And of course, invite your local contacts. Please don't bother inviting people who don't live in your area to an in-person event. I get irritated when someone thinks I'm going to show up in Alaska or California for a launch party when I live in rural Missouri.

Website/Blog Promotion Every author needs a website, and this is a great place to pump your party. Write a post with all the fun and be sure to spread that link a lot. Ask folks to RSVP.

Google Plus Event If for no other reason than Google Juice, create an Google Plus event and invite your relevant contacts.

Amazon Author Central Page Event You need a robust Amazon Author profile anyway, and did you know you can post your events there? Talk about WOW, because anything on their site gets all kinds of search engine love. Sign up/login at using your Amazon credentials.

Tips for online event listings:

  •  Make a header banner using something like Canva.
  • Get the name and address of the venue right.
  • Put the date and time.
  • Mention other things such as what type of snacks you'll serve, or any special events (like giveaways, readings, etc).
  • Post a picture of your book cover plus full description and order link. Remember, this is all for selling books!
  • Post a photo of the venue and a link to their Facebook page/website, etc.  They'll appreciate it.
  • Make your description EXCITING so people want to come. IF it sounds boring, they probably won't unless they really love you.
  • Invite your local/regional contacts only. Don't bug the folks overseas or in other parts of the country.
  • Don't just put up the announcement and abandon it. Ask questions, build excitement, and welcome those who say they're coming. Think buzz.



How Can Amazon Best Sellers Help Any Author Sell More Books?

 How Can Amazon Best Sellers Help Any Author Sell More Books?

It's often not until after a book is published that an author starts thinking about how to sell more books. Today on the Awakened Author Premium Call,  I helped members look at some things on Amazon to help us all understand what's hot.

I think of market research as a treasure hunt. It's a game that helps me reach more people. Look for the Awakened Author hashtag #AwakenedAuthor for more help and tips for authors.

The best time to start thinking about book marketing is NOW, wherever you are in your process, and the earlier the better! 

Where's the best place to go - Google or Amazon?

Google has its place, but remember this. Google is a SEARCH engine. Amazon is a BUYING engine.

You may start with Google to get an overall idea, but jump quickly to where people put their money where their mouth is - Amazon.

People go to Google to look up stuff. They go to Amazon with an intention to buy. That's why you want to use Amazon for the bulk of your market research.

It's important to know what's selling.

Even if you think you're allergic to marketing, the truth is you touch more people when you sell more books.  Makes sense, right? So get over yourself and relax into the fun of sharing your message with more of the world.

Here's how to see what sells so you can model success. Continue reading "How Can Amazon Best Sellers Help Any Author Sell More Books?"


Book Marketing Quick Tips for Authors: Making the Social Media Rounds in 10 minutes a Day


(NOTE: Revised 2/27/15 with a fresh new training class & details)

Social media can be a real pain in the productivity, can't it?

Chances are you find social media sites:

  • Overwhelming
  • Annoying
  • Waste of time
  • Confusing
  • Distraction from writing/business
  • Any combination of the above
  • ALL of the above.

Which fits you?

It's easy to either get overwhelmed or caught up in cat videos and other people's drama.

And you're always hearing how you need to be all over the web, have a platform, market your books, and let's not forget continuing to write, live life and conduct business.


Well, if you're poking a stick at this network and that, hoping to make something move, you're going to keep being frustrated.

You DO want to be almost everywhere - but do it fast!

Sure, if someone happens to like Facebook or Twitter better, it's ood to be there, but there's no reason to waste your day on all those networks.

You'll find your audience hangs out most in 2 or 3 of them.

What's your STRATEGY?

I believe it's important to have a strategy for social media. That's what keeps you from wasting your time. And we can all agree there's too much to do and not enough time.

Watch this 22 minute 23 second video class (updated Feb. 27, 2015) and I'll show you how to make the socialmedia rounds in just 10 minutes a day.

You'll learn how to overcome social media overwhelm and seem as if you're everywhere without losing the whole day.

All you need to do to be everywhere is create ripples - the R.I.P.L. method is what you get in the video.  That's how you get in and out of a network in under 2 minutes!


But how do you do this without losing your day?

That's why attend this FREE video class from the comfort of wherever you are!

  1. Figure out WHY authors should bother with social media.
  2. Time saving social media "hacks" that save you LOADS  of time.
  3. WHy to fall in love with hashtags.
  4. The SYSTEM for getting in - out - and back to writing/doing business.
  5. You'll also see get a "cheat sheet" so you can remember what to do.
  6. Save 1 or more HOURS a DAY following this system

Save at least 1 hour a day following the RIPL system you learn during this FREE online class!

This is truly an Effortless Social Media revolution for authors (Fiction and nonfiction alike!

The productivity tips you'll learn in the video will be well worth your 18 minutes 15 seconds!

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Be sure to let me know what you want to master next!

Follow your BLISS,

Ronda Del Boccio

#1 bestselling author, speaker and mentor, this week helping you with your social media marketing and book marketing.