how to Boost Book Sales by 2400 Per Cent

Want to sell more books? Don't expect your facebook posts to do it for you! Follow this very important tip. Get back with me if you need some help. # sell more books #BookMarketingideas #BookMarketingReshared post from +Book Marketing Tools

"Somebody on an e-mail list was 24 times more likely to buy a book, than somebody that was following on Twitter."

This quote from book marketer Tim Grahl was one of many great things from our interview with him:


Social media INTERVENTION Saves Your Sanity!

Authors – frustrated with social media? Join a free web class that shows you a simple method for being “everywhere” in under 10minutes a day. #SocialMediaMarketing #BookMarketingIdeas #BooKMarketing

Frustrated by time-sucking social media? This fast, fun class teaches you a simple system to take back your day.

Revised for 2015, thi 22 min. 23 second web class teaches you:

If people look for you and you're not on social, you're nobody! Being in social media sites is essential to your book marketing success.

* Why authors need to be on social media
* Why to LOVE and use hashtags
* Social media tricks and shortcuts to save loads of time
* the "RIPPLE" that lets you get in and out of each social network in under a minute AND be a social, responsible web citizen.

Join free now
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Authors: Considering Hosting a Blog Book Tour?

IF you are thinking of hosting a #blogtour #booktour to promote your book, here are some helpful hints.

This video from the Author Hangout series from +Book Marketing Tools  is an excellent primer on doing blog tours for your book launch!
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"A success for one indie author, is a success for all of us." - Alana Terry on The Author Hangout... Listen to the rest of the interview about blog tours and more:


Book Marketing Tips: Does Your Book Have a Call to Action?

Does your book invite readers to come back for more? Read this article for #bookmarketingtips #bookmarketing #bookpromotion#writingskills

"The End" is not the end. It is just the beginning. Do you have a next step, a call to action, in your book? Here's some great advice from +Book Marketing Tools  to help.
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Put Calls To Action In The Back Of Your Books To Sell More Books - Readers reach the end of your book... then what? If you aren't sending them somewhere specific, you may lose the reader for good. Here are some tips on calls to action you can use:


Social Media Marketing for Authors: What Size Should My Image Be?

What size should your social media images be? It need no longer be frustrating once you see this article via Peg Fitzpatrick #ArtOfSocial

Images make a post POP - assuming they look right! Images can help you with #bookmarketing  , connecting with your reader, and showing off your beautiful (hopefully) book cover. But it can be frustrating...Have you ever posted an image in social media only to see it come out much differently than you expected?

Have you ever wondered what's the best size image that works well in Pinterest?

Have you ever gone into a network to add a photo, only to find that the cover image guidelines have changed?

+Peg Fitzpatrick  knows her stuff, and here she shares the guide to teach you all you need to know about images in social media. Thanks so much!

Take Peg's advice, and be sure to grab her book co-authored with +Guy Kawasaki ,

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Attention bloggers! The Essential Cheat Sheet for Social Media Image Sizes via +Rebekah Radice

"Just when you feel comfortable with the most recent updates, along comes a whole new round.

One area that continues to evolve is social media images. From cover photos to the exact right photo dimensions for posts, keeping up can feel impossible.

To help you make the most of your online presence, Rebekah put together an essential list of social media image sizes for the top eight social networks.

You’ll also find best practices and examples that show you how to leverage graphics to build awareness, interest and engagement."

Read it all here:

Pin it for later:

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Social Media for Authors: 20 Insider Features

These insider tips will help you with some of the ost popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, so you can get the most out of them as an author.

You use social media sites as an author all the time, but I know that it's easy to miss some of the coolest hacks and tips you could use, if only you knew about them. I know I'm learning new things all the time. +Denise Wakeman brings you 20 cool tricks and feature for Facebook, Twitter and more.
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Reshared post from +Denise Wakeman

Do you know about all these little-known features on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest?

via +HubSpot


20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)
Check out this list of 20 little-known things you can do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Authors: Great Book Tease Image

Book tease graphics can help you share your book in a cool, non-pushy way. Here’s an example.

Do you make book teaser images for your books? It's a good book marketing idea. I shall make 1 this week. #bookteaser   #bookmarketing  

Reshared post from +Angel Sefer

In the glamorous society of Mykonos, a family is drowned in riches, power, and deadly secrets…
#99cents    #SALE  
DEADLY SECRETS by ‪#‎bestselling‬ author Angel Sefer
Barnes &Noble:
iBook on iTunes:


How Can Authors Track Sales from Social Media?

How does posting in social media affect book sales? This insightful article will tell you.

As an author, you talk about your book(s) and others you've read in social. Do those mentions turn into sales? Sure, but it's hard to measure what really happens.

Here's an example. I saw posts about an awesome book called Voodoo Butterfly #VoodooButterfly  on Facebook. I didn't get it. Some days later, I went to Amazon and got it. But the trail from Camille Fay's mention (or whoever posted the original I saw), cannot be measured as a social sale because the trail died.

This is an excelltnhe post by the brilliant and way cool +Jay Baer  (author of YouTility, 1 of my MUST READ books for authors and biz owners alike). Check this out and consider how it affects your book marketing

Some book marketing tips:
1. Encourage social sharing right in your book as well as on your blog/site and in social media.
2. Create a hashtag for your book. Put it into the book and encourage readers to use it when spreading the word online.
3. Spend more time in the networks your readers (ideal customer/market) use.

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Why Social Media Will Never Get the Credit It Deserves

Social media is never going to get the credit it deserves for driving commerce, and there’s a simple reason why.

Find Out Why:


Join a Thunderclap Book Launch for Romance Novel Beyond the Moon

This is a Thunderclap to spread the word about a romance novel. Thunderclap is a cool social media tool. Here’s how to support a clap.

Lovers of deeper #romance books - Beyond the Moon is the story of 2 broken people; will they love again?
Please do the following (takes less than 30 seconds!) to help spread the word.
2. Read the quick instructions.
3. See the BIG red buttons? CLICK "support with FACEBOOK" &/or "Support with TWITTER" &/or "Support with TUMBLR"
4. Get a free sample for your Kindle device or free app, or buy the book using the link you'll see on the Thunderclap page.

We only need 100 to participate for this fun campaign to succeed.
That's it! You're supporting the work of +Velda Brotherton , a romance author with a storied career & spreading the word about a great romance.  #BookLaunch   #bookmarketing  

Thunderclap: Beyond the Moon Romance Launch
Beyond the Moon Romance Launch. Can a broken Vietnam vet & a widow reach beyond the pain to love? Read Beyond the Moon, a Velda Brotherton #romance We will post this message on your feed along with other supporters on. December 06 at 1:00PM CST.


How Do You Make the Perfect Pinterest Pin?

Social networks can be confusing unless you know the best way to create the perfect post. Here’s how to do it in Pinterest.

Using any social network means understanding how it works. Here's the short course in pinning.As an author always looking for book marketing help, it's important to understand that you can't just throw any old t hing at Pinterest or any other network and see what sticks.

Social media genius and #best selling author of The Art of Social Media  +Peg Fitzpatrick  shows you how to craft the perfect pin.

She and uber-author +Guy Kawasaki  share loads of tips and strategies for maximizing your social media efforts in this book. You can get the your copy now at

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Reshared post from +Peg Fitzpatrick

How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed
Have you heard about the Pinterest smart feed and how it impacts your exposure?

Are you wondering what it means for your pins?

With its new smart feed, Pinterest enhanced key features, which means you need to do things differently to make your pins stand out.

In this article I’ll explain the Pinterest smart feed and how to use Pinterest’s changes to your advantage. If you learned something from this article, please share it with your network.

Read it all here:

And, of course, pin it for later

My first guest post for +Social Media Examiner
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Sites to EASILY Create Great Quote Images

Don’t you love those images with quotes? It’s so easy to create them. Here are several sites you can use.

Those cool quote images can be easy to make. Here are some sites make it easy and fun.
Thanks to +Book Marketing Tools for sharing.
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Reshared post from +Book Marketing Tools

Have you ever wondered how people make those awesome quote pictures on social media? You don't need design skills! You just need this list of sites! Plus, learn how to find the most popular quotes from your books:


Do You Have a COMPELLING Amazon Author Profile? Free Author Quick Class

What do people see when the scroll down to the author part of your Amazon book page? A blank face?

People need to be able to see your "street cred" if they dcon't already know and love  you. This 20 minute quick class shows you how to build a robut author profile that showcases YOU and helps you sell more books.

No registration required, but it's more fun to be there live.

See you there!

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Reshared post from +Ronda Del Boccio

Want to stand above other authors? and sell more books 

Book marketing isn't just hawking books. It's having a true presence online and off. People need to be able to see who you are and what you do.

When people see your book page on Amazon, they also see YOU. What are you showing them? A blank face with no info? or do you come across as a real pro with your website, Twitter, photos, videos and a robust bio?

Attend this 20 minute training and get the scoop on how to showcase you and your work. If you can't attend, you can watch the video later, but live is cool, because you can get started in real time on your author profile.

See you there!
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FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors – How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can…

FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors - How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can Help You Sell More Books

Until last week, you couldn't offer pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle books. Now you can! Learn how tomake the most of this opportunity during this free miniclass.

It's LIVE right here, on the event page, Google+ and YouTube. And of course, that means it's recorded for your future education as well.

Get the scoop on weekly free mini-classes and get your free special report "7 Ways to Make Money While Still Writing  Your book" at

See you in class  Follow your BLISS,

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Reshared post from +Ronda Del Boccio

KDP Authors, did you know you can now sell pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle releases? It's super easy to do, and in this 20 minute quick class, I'll show you WHY to do it and how tomake the most of it.

This class is recorded and remains in YouTube, but I hope you can come live. Please ask any questions in the comments so I can serve y ou well.

Come back each week for a new mini-class for authors. What do YOU want to know more about? Please answer this super quick survey and let me know

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FREE Training: Authors, How Can You Be Social without Losing Your Day to Social Media…

This free training is quick, and it teaches you ow to be social in social media without losing your day.

FREE Training: Authors, How Can You Be Social without Losing Your Day to Social Media Sites?

This quick training teaches you how to check in with the networks you need to be in without losing your  whole day. It's a simple system. Join the training free now (or watch on YouTube later.

Register at for a "cheat sheet" to help you remember the 4 simple steps.

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This week's quick class - How to Be SOCIAL in ONLY 10 Minutes a Day

*Register now and get the CHEAT SHEET so you'll remember what to do*

Perhaps you've heard that as a author, you need to be EVERYWHERE.

But have you ever noticed that sites like Facebook can be a real time suck? 

Well, they can...if you let them! DUring this FAST webinar (20 minutes) you'll learn what I call "Making the Rounds," a technique for being super social on your top 5 sites in only 10 minutes.

*Register now and get the CHEAT SHEET so you'll remember what to do*


Free Kindle Book Today: What Are Good Ideas for Book Marketing Online and Offli…

Free Kindle Book Today: What Are Good Ideas for Book Marketing Online and Offline?

+Kristen Eckstein , Awakened Publishing faculty for, is giving away a free Kindle book for a limited time.

You'll get some book marketing basics, then specific ideas for online and "real world" book marketing. The book is tightly focused, so you wont be distracted by something you don't want to know right now.
Get your copy free today

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#freekindlebooks   #bookmarketing Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off eBook: Kristen Eckstein: Kindle Store
Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off - Kindle edition by Kristen Eckstein. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Author's Quick Guide to Marketing Your Book Online and Off.


Book Marketing Help Getting Local Publicity

+John Kremer  is the undisputed king of book marketing, and this is an excellent interview with  Cy Tymony, who shares useful tips.

remember the simple and effective. Book promotion isn't just about flashy stuff. It's really about building relationships. You'll get that and more from this interview.

Share your AHA moments in the comments and please +1 and share this post.with your author friends. (Connecting with other authors is one of Cy's recommendations, after all!)

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Reshared post from +John Kremer

Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more.

Some of Cy’s book marketing tips:

Make friends with other authors. Like them. Follow them. Help them out. Do it sincerely.

Getting local publicity. Make the news by setting up an event. Then invite the press. Smaller publicity hits lead to bigger publicity hits. PR snowballs to bigger and bigger audiences.

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20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Cy Tymony on Getting Local Publicity
Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more. Some of Cy's book marketing ti...