Digital Publishing Resource Book Review: Author’s Quick Guide to Making Money with Your 99 Cent Kindle Book by Kristen Eckstein

If you've perused the digital shelves of Amazon Kindle looking for advice on how to earn more as an author, you're not alone. Every author wants to earn more, because the fact of the matter is that royalties are no big whoop, even if you're selling a $20 tome.

"Authors earn more money BECAUSE they're authors than they do from actual book sales."

-- Ronda Del Boccio

I have a couple books at 99c. Perhaps you do too. This little volume by Kristen Eckstein is right in line with what I teach all my mentoring students about earning money from y your books. You have to think outside the cover. So heer's my review of a helpful little book

Author's Quick Guide to Making Money with Your 99-Cent Kindle Book by Kristen Eckstein

Cover of Author's Quick GUide to Making Monehy with Your 99-Cent Kindle Book by Kristen Eckstein

99-cent Kindle books seem to be winning the book publishing popularity contest. Every day more of them are released, flooding the market with affordable information. The key with 99-cent Kindle books is to deliver an instant solution to a relevant pain point, and to have a solid back-end in place to make your money elsewhere. This book will show you:

  • How to get (and keep) happy email subscribers - and build your platform
  • The truth about using Amazon Advantage affiliate links inside your book
  • A dozen products and services you can recommend in your e-book - and make money from later
  • How affiliate marketing works - and when it's a good fit for your book
  • What exactly to advertise in the back of your book and how to build a system of passive income
  • Exactly how each sale of one of my 99-cent Kindle books nets me a minimum of $27
  • And more!

Get this Author's Quick Guide today and start earning more profits for each book you sell!

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Kindle Direct Publishing Introduces Kindle Pre-Orders

Gathering pre-orders before the official release of a book is a great way to build anticipation for your book. But until today, you could only do this with books published in physical ink.

Today, Kindle Direct Publishing announced that Kindle authors can now offer pre-orders of their books up to 90 days before the release date.

Kindle Pre-Orders

Kindle PreOrders

Here are the details straight from KDP:

We're excited to announce that you can now make your new books available for pre-order in Kindle Stores worldwide. With a few quick and easy steps you can create a pre-order page up to 90 days in advance of your book's release date--your pre-order product page will be created within 24 hours. When you make your book available for pre-order, customers can order the book anytime leading up to the release date you set. We will deliver it to them on that date.

One advantage of using pre-order is that you can start promoting your Kindle book pre-order page on Author Central, Goodreads, your personal website, and other places ahead of its release to help build excitement for your book. Also, pre-orders will contribute toward sales rank and other Kindle Store merchandising ahead of release, which can help more readers discover your book.

Visit your KDP Bookshelf to set up your new book for pre-order.

How can you make the most of offering Kindle pre-orders?

1. Drip tips, tidbits, scenes, or other tantalizing morsels from your book over time on your blog, in social media, and at live events.

2. Be sure to invite people to become a subscriber. Offer a special gift to those who do.

3. Distribute press releases that share the value of your book to readers.

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Do You Really Want to Be a Kindle Book Spammer?

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady - Follow Your B.L.I.S.S.!

I'm an even-tempered person by and large, but one of the things that gets my hackles up is spammy “books” on Kindle. The problem is that because Kindle Direct publishing (KDP) is free, people are finding all kinds of ways to game the system and publish steaming piles of poop onto Amazon.

While Amazon is cracking down on “books” that are nothing more than private label rights garbage with a new cover and title, there is still way too much useless material being belched into the system. 


Here's an article from Reuters. It's a 3–year old article as I publish this, but it points to an ongoing issue of QUALITY books.

Stick with me after the excerpts for some thoughts on writing a LEGITIMATE and worthy book!

Spam clogging Amazon's Kindle self-publishing

SAN FRANCISCO Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:13pm EDT

(Reuters) - Spam has hit the Kindle, clogging the online bookstore of the top-selling eReader with material that is far from being book worthy and threatening to undermine Inc's publishing foray.

Thousands of digital books, called ebooks, are being published through Amazon's self-publishing system each month. Many are not written in the traditional sense.

Instead, they are built using something known as Private Label Rights, or PLR content, which is information that can be bought very cheaply online then reformatted into a digital book.

These ebooks are listed for sale -- often at 99 cents -- alongside more traditional books on Amazon's website, forcing readers to plow through many more titles to find what they want.

Aspiring spammers can even buy a DVD box set called Autopilot Kindle Cash that claims to teach people how to publish 10 to 20 new Kindle books a day without writing a word.

This new phenomenon represents the dark side of an online revolution that's turning the traditional publishing industry on its head by giving authors new ways to access readers directly.

Have Times Changed?

That Reuters article came out 3 years ago, and KDP is definitely on the lookout for spammy books, but that hasn't stopped greedy entrepreneurs from selling package that promise to help you crush it, make a killing, and all sorts of other AGGRESSIVE, war-like ways of talking about raking in cash by mass-producing garbage and publishing it on Kindle.

here are 3 helpful guidelines for Kindle publishing.

  1. Remember that a book is a relationship between the author and reader. You won't grow a true legacy with a , poorly written private label rights book or set of articles.
  2. Publish YOUR work. That's how you build YOUR legacy.
  3. Write the book directly to your ideal customer, not a generalized “someone out there.”

The best way to start

You can do it alone and fumble along, or you can get ongoing help as an Awakened Author Premium Member, which gives you a weekly live call plus additional support. Start your 7–day free trial now

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