Peanut Butter Sorghum Dog Biscuits Recipe: Leader Dog Jemma Approved

Do you have a dog who loves treats? Are you willing to take a few minutes to make him/her all natural treats? Here’s a recipe for peanut butter sorghum dog biscuits that’s #LeaderDogJemma approved! You can even see a video of Jemma tasting them for the first time.

What dog doesn't love cookies? Most humans I know like cookies too, including yours truly.

Looking at the high price of all natural dog biscuits made me decide to try making some of my own for Leader Dog Jemma. I've made 2 different kinds so far. She likes both, but this by far is her favorite so far.

Since so many of you have dogs and since people have been sitting pretty and begging me for the recipe, here it is! I've also decided to make a recipe book of homemade dog treats as a companion volume to the book about my journey with Jemma.

Here's her reaction to them. What you've missed is her sniffing the air an d gazing lovingly at the oven as they baked! I didn't have the heart to make her wait hours and hours for them to dry and harden.

Peanut Butter Sorghum Dog Biscuits Recipe

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