Verbosity Surgery: Cut Meaningless Phrases from Your Writing

When writing the first draft, just get the words out. Don't worry about grammar, word choice, or anything else. Just tell the story or craft the article. When it's time for editing, every work (mine, yours, everybody's) neds to go in for verbosity surgery.

Cut Out Meaningless Phrases

"Cut to the chase" is something my parents said whenever anyone (not just me) told a story that blathered on and on too long. Good advice.

A HUGE thank-you goes to Jefferson D. Bates, author of Writing with Precision, for this list of wordy phrases and their streamlined replacements.

Cut Meaningless Phrases from Your Writing

3 Quick Tips for Editing

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Writing skills: How Do I Edit My work

Ronda Del Boccio

When I go back through a story, article  or chapter (fiction or nonfiction), I call it Spiral Writing. I go through to add, subtract, tweak or enhance a particular element.

Here is a graphic showing the types of editing you'll do. And remember, it's important to get someone else's eyes on your writing...more than one someone.

Types of Editing infographic

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Writing a Novel: After the First Draft

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THis month I #amrevising  my #wip   They All Died Smiling

As I go through the book start to finish, I'm so happy with where it went. No huge blunders. Yay!

Looking for ways to enrich scenes. When I write dialogue-heavy scenes, I often just write the words. Now, the #editing  phase, is when I go back and add gestures or other details.

I also read through for consistency, pacing, and character development.

I found a little pacing error that was easily enough fixed. I didn't want Kassidy catching on to something right away, but her intuition had to start nagging at her a bit.

So that's my update for They all Died Smiling!

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  #paranormalromance   #paranormalsuspense  


Authors Wear Two Hats: Wear the Right One for the Job: NaNoWriMo Day 11

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Whether you're writing a novel, short story or nonfiction piece, you as a writer have two hats:

  • Writer hat
  • Editor hat

Your writer hat is the creative side, responsible for conveying the story.

The editor hat is the stickler for grammar, punctuation, and structure.

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As you only have one head, presuming ou're a human reading this, you can only  wear one hat at a time.

So when you're in writer mode, these are things you do NOT want to do:

  • Don't worry about synonyms.
  • Don't bother with typos.
  • Don't fix scenes..
  • Don't go back and re-read past scenes to get yourself in the mood to write fresh material..

Wearing the Writer Hat, DO these things:

  • Just keep writing.
  • Leave typos to the Editor Hat.
  • Leave synonyms to the Editor Hat.
  • Leave grammar to the Editor Hat.

When you're writing, WRITE. When you're editing, EDIT. If you mix the two, you'll squash your creativity.

Remember... one head = one hat at a time!

Remember (image of a hand with a string tied around rhe index finger

They All Died Smiling Updatte

I'm writing this paranormal suspense novel during NaNoWriMo. Nice push goal to keep butt in seat and fingers on keys. I'm nearing the halfway mark and will get there on the 12th. Yay!

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