7 Tips for a Successful Author Book Signing Event

Meeting your potential (and current) readers in person is a big deal. Book signings can either be a roaring success or a dismal waste of time. It all depends on how you the author approach it.

I've done a few author book signing events, and in fact I'm on a committee planning Meet the Author Day at the Kimberling Area Library in Kimberling City, Missouri. Here are some things I've witnessed.

Some authors come:

  • Having only a box of books and no table covering.
  •  Stacking books on the table in an unappealing manner.
  •  Sitting behind the table, waiting for magic to happen.
  • Wandering around talking to other authors instead of connecting with readers.
  • Having no way of making change or taking credit cards.
  • Making customers use coins instead of rounding that .95 up to the next dollar.
  • Not asking questions or talking with potential customers.

If any of these describe you, then you  will want to read this article and plan for your next event.

Velda Brotherton book table including Once There Were Sad Songs, Beyond the Moon, Rowena's Hellion, Wolf Song and others Continue reading "7 Tips for a Successful Author Book Signing Event"