MyBookProgress Update: Epic Fantasy Revision: Slogging through Editing

A number of years ago I wrote an epic fantasy or maybe a paranormal fantasy. Hard to tell what to call it sometimes, as the lines blur.

I want to get it back out into the world now. A small press published it back before publishing was easier and cheaper. No, I didn't pay to publish but each copy of the book cost me $11, so that already made it an expensive book before earning any profit. I have my rights back, so I can publish it.

Rue the Day was never on Amazon and not widely available. I wrote it from start to polish in 4 months, and it's an intense story full of suspense, jealousy. and trickery.

Hidden Ozarks Paranormal Novellas
Due:1 year ago
101 Tips & Hacks for Busy Writers
Phase:First draft
Due:1 year ago
Front cover of the paranormal/urban fantasy book They All Died Smiling: A hand in the sign language "I Love You" sign blasts from a firey background. In the palm are symbols, including a pentacle. Thte cver reads: Ronda Jean Del Boccio, An unwanted gift, a hypnotic collusion, a demonic coersion, They All Died Smiling, Reluctant Demon Hunter Series
They All Died Smiling
Phase:2nd Proof

I DESERVE Abundance! Image shows a flower against an unfocused background

First Round: Revisions

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Are Kindle Singles Authors Making Money?

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NOTE: This post updated 3/25/15 to reflect the accurate current number of Kindle Singles titles. Note that all quoted text includes the original article source permalinks and is appropriately attributed to the originator

Are Kindle SIngles Authors Making Money?

There are so many ways to publish a book today. Kindle Singles may be Amazon's best kept secret for authors. There are just over 300 titles published to date, and, as you'll see from the story below, some authors are making big bucks on these 99 cents or $1.00 short-to-medium-length books.

“All of this stands in evidence that in its Kindle Singles brand, Amazon is investing in a serious business model behind a quality editorial product. We all -- readers and writers alike -- stand to benefit from that combination.”   in “Authors of Kindle Singles Raking in Tens of Thousands of Dollars” (see below)

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Book Marketing Coach: How Can I List My Book in Amazon Kindle Free Books?

Book Marketing Coach: How Can I List My Book in Amazon Kindle free Books?

As an author mentor and book marketing coach, I teach authors that including your book among Amazon Kindle free books (for a limited time of course) is a great way to grow a following and potentially hit the bestselling books list.

Kindle books on tablet showing the power of Amazon Kindle free books in the book marketing coach category

Chris' Story

Chris Downs became a #1 bestselling author with his book How to Grow Great Heirloom Tomatoes, and he attracted the attention of Grit Magazine, which is a top publication in the area of farming. His bestseller status was a big reason why they asked him to be a regular contributor to their site.

How to offer YOUR Kindle book for free.

1. a Kindle Book

Another Awakened Author Success Story: Chris Downs, bestselling author & contributor to Grit Magazine - wanna be next?

The first thing you need is to have in order to do a free Kindle book promotion is –  well –  a Kindle book. You can have the full DIY method for free at or let me help you with a book publishing template, insider tips  and all your questions answered in 1 place with the Effortless Digital Publishing Package.

2. Enroll in KDP Select

You will enroll your book in KDP Select, which gives Amazon an exclusive on your book and gives you the supreme privilege of offering your book for FREE for up to 5 days in a 90 day period.

3. Promote Your Book Like Crazy!

This is a great article with 14 free/affordable places to advertise your Amazon free Kindle books:

There are lots of places to promote your book that you can find with a simple search.

Help to Publish a Book on Kindle

There are a couple of considerations around how to publish a book on Kindle. The first is that while publishing is free, you may want some hand-holding through the journey. Why spend more time than  you need to spend?

The second is the book marketing coach part. Simply  having a book up on Amazon doesn't mean you'll get a stampede of buyers devouring your every word.

You will want to promote your book (both during its free run and beyond), or it won't sell. There's no shortcut.

Go ahead and sign up with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You'll do that anyway. It's such a fabulous program that frees you to be in charge of your own publishing.

Get help with everything from navigating KDP to formatting your book to Amazon Kindle free books promotions inside the Effortless Digital Publishing program.

You'll get a book template to help make formatting easier, all the resources in one place, a Q&A call, a HUGE list of places to post your Amazon Kindle free books promotion and more.

Download Effortless Digital Publishing now and become a published author within as little as a couple of days!

Follow your bliss!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

Bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author

Creator of the BLISS Butterfly.System for author success


How Can Publishing a Book, Top Authors, and Goodreads Bring More Readers?

How Can Publishing a Book, Top Authors, and Goodreads Bring More Readers?

Publishing a book – whether self publishing, going through a small press or having a big house publisher –  means a lot of “leg work” for any author.

Part of publishing is developing relationships with your audience and with big players in your niche. It's hard to separate the key aspects of writing, publishing, and promoting your book.

consider the power of connecting with the top name authors serving your same audience.

Here's an interesting top authors list from a bestselling business author, Dave Kerpen  As you see these authors, consider who you feel are the top authors in your niche.

11 Must-Read Authors For Every Professional

Dave Kerpenby Dave Kerpen:

Dave Kerpen is CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Great authors teach us, motivate us, inspire us, and make us think. For professionals, great authors can change the way we work, help us realize new opportunities, build a business, and lead others.

My recent post, 9 Business Books That Will Change Your Life, led to over 1,200 comments from readers agreeing or disagreeing with the list, and adding their own favorites. So I've followed up that post with this list of prolific, impactful authors, each of which has written at least three business books. Below are my 11 must-read authors, along with six more up-and-coming authors worth reading:

1. Seth Godin

Godin is my favorite author and has been an inspiration to me as a writer, marketer, entrepreneur and thinker. Permission Marketing is my favorite Godin book, but I've enjoyed so many of them, as Godin always challenges readers to think about things in a new way. Other must-read books of his include Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin, and Poke The Box. His latest and boldest, The Icarus Deception, calls on people to look at their work as an artist does.

2. Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni is the owner of a management consulting firm and a prolific author and speaker, having written ten books to date. He writes simple, well-told fables, all with leadership and management lessons to take away. His most famous book is The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - and that is a great one, as are The Advantage, Death by Meeting, and Getting Naked. But my favorite is The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family, because it addresses not only business, but leading a family, something most important to me.

3. Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell is a longtime writer for The New Yorker magazine and the author of four uber-successful, thoughtful books which stimulate not only business professionals, but all of his readers, to think about things in a new way. Named by Time Magazine in 2005 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Gladwell's works include The Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink and What the Dog Saw.

4. Jim Collins

Collins is both a teacher and a student of great companies - having devoted the better part of his life to studying, analyzing and writing about the differences between good companies and great ones - companies that perish and those that endure. His books are all thoroughly researched and his theses are data-driven. Collins' works include Good to Great, Built to Last, How the Mighty Fall and Great by Choice.

5. Daniel Pink

Pink is truly one of the great business minds of our time. Having now authored four provocative books, Pink was named one of the Top 50 business thinkers of the world by Harvard Business Review in 2011. His most recent book, To Sell is Human, is particularly appropriate for salespeople. But Pink's previous Drive and A Whole New Mind are classics as well.

6. Tim Ferriss

Ferriss is an incredibly successful author and speaker, despite apparently not working on any one thing more than four hours a week. The ultimate "work smart over work hard" guy, Ferriss's first book, The Four Hour Workweek, has sold many millions of copies and been translated to 35 languages. The concept for professionals has proved so popular that Ferriss followed up Workweek with The Four Hour Body and The Four Hour Chef.

7. Ken Blanchard

Blanchard is a long-time writer, speaker and consultant and one of the top leadership experts in the world. Like Lencioni, he writes using stories and simple, easy-to-understand language. Three of his many books, the One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, and The One Minute Entrepreneur all deeply influenced the way I've run our businesses and helped clients grow their businesses.

8. Stephen Covey

Covey wrote a plethora of excellent leadership and inspirational books, but the one you've likely heard of is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book single-handedly changed the way millions of people live their lives, at work and beyond. The SPEED of Trust and The Leader in Me are two more good ones. Covey's books are excellent reads if you're looking for inspiration beyond your job. Sadly, Covey passed away last year.

9. Peter Drucker

Drucker, the 2nd posthumous member of this list, passed away in 2005, but he was considered the management expert of the 20th century, authoring over 25 books. The teacher, reporter, philosopher and consultant was perhaps best known for mentoring longtime General Electric CEO Jack Welch. His books included The Effective Executive, Managing the Nonprofit Organization, and The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization.

10. Jeffrey Gitomer

Gitomer may have been a college dropout, but his books have helped many a salesperson make an incredible living. His books are small, easy to read, and packed full of both inspiration and practical advice. My favorite is the Little Red Book Of Selling, but others include Customer Satisfactions Is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, and The Sales Bible.

11. John Maxwell

Maxwell is a longtime leadership expert, speaker and coach who has sold a remarkable 19 million books. His books inspire better leadership skills and communication skills. My favorite is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; other noteworthy books include The 5 Levels of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You, How Successful People Think, The 360 Degree Leader, and Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

The above 11 are all must-read authors for professionals.
Their many books have stood the test of time and continue to sell millions of copies. As I looked for great business authors, though, I was devastated by the dearth of women authors - plus I wanted to introduce you to a few great authors you may not have read yet. Here, then, are six more terrific authors worth reading, including three awesome female authors:

1. Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg, the famous and at times controversial Chief Operating Officer of Facebook just launched her first book: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. The guaranteed bestseller has already created a lot of buzz, and is worth a read, whether you're a woman or a man.

2. Guy Kawasaki

I am proud to call Kawasaki a mentor, and he easily could have made the list above. His latest work, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur is a must-read for all authors and wanna-be authors. Other excellent books include The Art of the Start, Enchantment, Rules for Revolutionaries, and Reality Check.

3. Ekaterina Walter

Walter is a new author and a long time speaker and social strategist for Intel. Her first book, Think Like Zuck, inspired me so much I bought copies for my staff at Likeable. I have a strong feeling there's more to come.

4. Erik Qualman

You may not have heard of Qualman yet, but you may be amongst the 5 million people who have seen his "Socialnomics" videos on YouTube. Qualman's first book of the same name, Socialnomics, is an excellent read, as is his newest, Digital Leader.

5. Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Hirschberg is the wife of Stonyfield CEO Gary Hirshberg, and writes extensively for INC Magazine on entrepreneurship and family. I whole-heartedly recommend her first book, For Better Or For Work, not only for entrepreneurs but for their spouses and families.

6. Michael Maddock

Maddock is an entrepreneur, inventor and innovation expert. My favorite of his three books is Free The Idea Monkey, which is great for both the idea people and the operators who help make those ideas actually happen.


Those are 17 of my favorite authors- although I've read dozens more I've loved. I'm also an author of course, and I've written a couple of books that I hope have inspired people- Likeable Social Media, about the role of social media in today's society and how organizations can best leverage it, and, recently, Likeable Business, about how to leverage 11 simple principles of customer-centric, staff-centric leadership to succeed in today's social-business world.

Now, I'd love to know YOUR favorite business authors. Which of these authors have you read? What other authors of business books have changed YOUR lives? What authors belong on this list, who have inspired YOU to become a better business person, leader and human being? Let me know in the comments here - and happy reading!

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Who's On Your List –  & What Should You Do About It?

No matter what you write or what industry you're in, consider who are the top authors in your arena. When you are self publishing, this is extremely important, because you can forge alliances and make meaningful connections with those serving the same readers you serve.

  • read their books
  • Read their blog
  • Look for a win-win-win where the audience an both parties win.
  • Connect on social media
  • Connect on Goodreads
  • Reach out to them
  • Get acquainted
  • Share their work with your audience
  • They may also share your work with their audience!

GoodReads Power

Goodreads is a social platform for authors of all genres that encourages interaction with authors and readers. It is first and foremost a way for book lovers to see each others' bookshelves and talk about books.

And it is a place for authors to interact with readers.

Join Goodreads free first as a reader. Then you can upgrade (free) to be a Goodreads author.

Connect with me on Goodreads now

All authors need to connect with your readers, and in this social age, being present and available is important. When you are self publishing a book, building up an audience while you're writing the book is key. Goodreads gives you a way to accomplish this.

These are my books on Goodreads (The ones I have connected so far:

The Impact Factor: How Small Actions Change the World
The Impact Factor: How Small Actions Change the World

ratings: 2 (avg rating 5.00)


Follow your bliss!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

#1 bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author

Creator of the BLISS Butterfly and the Awakened Author Challenge.

Ronda Del Boccio's books on Goodreads

2013 Reading Challenge

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How to Write a Book: Who Is Your Ideal Reader?

How to Write a Book: Who Is Your Ideal Reader?

(This article was originally posted to the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, to which I am a Contributing Associate.

Proud Associate of NABBW - National Association of Baby Boomer Women

As an author mentor, I attract poetry and fiction authors as well as nonfiction authors. Truly, any author needs to think like an entrepreneur and develop an entrepreneur mindset, because there is more to writing the book than simply writing and publishing.

The big question of how to write a book is bigger than writing!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that causes my students to fall and skin their knees is getting to know your ideal reader.

Who is your ideal reader?

Knowing your audience is key. Here are just a few questions to get you thinking. These work no matter what you write (fiction, poetry, nonfiction):

  • Who is my ideal reader?
  • Where does she live (not only city VS rural, but what kind of dwelling, with whom)?
  • What are her hopes and fears?
  • Where does she hang out?
  • What motivates her?
  • What does she crave?

I started my own journey as a fiction writer. Creating a character sketch is something I brought into my entrepreneurial world from fiction writing. I'm really a fantasy author at heart!

Character Sketch

Doing a character sketch for your ideal reader is the same ideas as crafting one for a character in a novel or story. Simply a different application.

Here is how well cozy mystery novelist Susan Santangelo knows her audience: These quotes are all from an article she wrote for a blog tour, posted on the National Association of Baby Boomer Women blog. See the original article source.

The subtitle for all the book titles is: “Every Wife Has A Story.”

I write about situations that thousands of Boomers, especially women, identify with.

At least, that’s what my readers tell me.

Many women have contacted me to say that I’m writing their lives, and wonder when I’ve met their husband. Hmm. Gotta think about that one.

She clearly writes directly to the understanding of that perfect reader, a boomer wife.


Susan writes a Baby Boomer mystery series, which thus far has these books:

Another important aspect of Susan's ideal reader is she is a dog lover. She knows this and incorporates it into the series. Here is what Susan says about her dog:

You’ll see my muse and partner in crime, Boomer (get it?), my three-year-old very spoiled English cocker spaniel, who’s the cover model for the books.

In the series, Carol and Jim Andrews have two English cocker spaniels, Lucy and Ethel. Boomer doesn’t like posing as girls, but he works cheap. A few dog biscuits and he’s a happy guy.


If you are a boomer man or a college student, these books may not be as appealing to you, and that's fine. They're written for boomers.

Hanging out with your ideal audience can inspire! Here's how Susan found her latest book idea:

I recently attended my high school reunion. Had a great time. And as I looked around at my classmates, I wondered what secrets they were all hiding. And if any of those secrets could lead to…murder.

And I decided to write the next book in my series about a high school reunion. None of the book’s characters are based on anyone in my class. Honestly.

* * *

Oh sure…right! (wink)

True confession from Ronda: While I don't duplicate real people, I have to admit that some people who have annoyed me have lived up to a saying on a shirt I own:

“Careful or you'll be a villain in my next story!”

But I digress.

When you get it right, you will receive comments like the ones Susan says she gets so often: “Many women have contacted me to say that I’m writing their lives, and wonder when I’ve met their husband.”

More Help Knowing Your Ideal Reader

Need more help understanding your ideal reader?

The free 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge is a complete course on how to write a book, publish it, and sell at least one copy.

You'll also get help on researching and understanding your ideal reader (Module 5 and 6).

Being an author is more than writing. It's the way for you to follow your BLISS.

Awakened Author Challenge BLISS Butterfly

Develop your own BLISS Butterfly when you join the FREE Awakened Author Challenge,and let your dreams take wing!

FREE 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge Membership Card

Join free NOW at

Will YOU be the next boomer to follow your BLISS? I sure hope so!

Follow your BLISS,

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady -Entrepreneurial Authoring Associate

#1 bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author * Celebrity Author Mentor * Transformational Speaker

Creator of the BLISS Butterfly and the 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge


How to Write a Book: Do Your Chapter Titles Sizzle or Stink?

How to Write a Book: Do Your Chapter Titles Sizzle or Stink?

by Ronda Del Boccio

When someone is one of my mentoring students, I ask to look through their book before they publish. I'm looking  for things like:

  • book title
  • book subtitle
  • cover
  • back cover material
  • endorsements and testimonials
  • stories
  • book structure
  • optin
  • call to action

My observation is that the chapter titles are the orphan children of the book. The author gets caught up in the content of the book, but forgets that before a potential buyer reads a word, she's likely to first read the table of contents.

I remember helping my friend and student Lasse Rouhiainen with his first book, Smart Social Media. He said, “I never thought much about the chapter titles until you pointed them out to me.” Most of his did their job well, but I helped him add some hot sauce to a few.

It's ok to have boring chapter titles ONLY to keep them as placeholders. Go back and spice them up before you publish.

Copywriters often spend a large amount of time on headlines and subheads, which are their equivalent of the book title and chapter titles.

Model your own chapter titles after successful books. The 4–Hour Workweek is one excellent example. Here is an image showing some of the chapter titles from the book:

Three Things NOT to Do when Crafting Chapter Titles

Here's some helpful guidance about chapter titles from another article.

How to Write a Book: Writing Chapter Titles that Turn Browsers into Buyers

by Ronda Del Boccio, NABBW's Entrepreneurial Authoring Expert

One of the most neglected considerations for how to write a book is the chapter titles. Yet perusing chapter titles is a critical step a book browser makes when deciding whether or not to buy a book.

If the front and back cover (or cover and book description online) make the browser look inside the book, guess what they’ll see first?

That’s right, the chapter titles!

So here are 3 things NOT TO DO as you write your chapter titles.

  1. DO NOT overlook the importance of the chapter titles. A potential buyer takes 4 steps before making their decision: front cover, back cover, chapter titles, and a peek inside.
  2. DO NOT be boring. “The ABCs of design” is a boring title. Even a chapter title should make you want to know what the chapter will convey.
  3. DO NOT shrink. Be bold. Write captivating titles that arrest the reader’s attention.

Three Things TO Do when Crafting Chapter Titles

  1. Look at the table of contents' of books and make note of those which ignite your curiosity. Another excellent model for chapter titles is YES by Robert Cialdini.
  2. Think like a copywriter. Take inspiration from Prevention magazine or The National Inquirer. .They KNOW how to grab attention.
  3. Sell the Sizzle. Titles should make you want to read more. Fascinate the reader and she'll click the buy now button.

This video shows the principles in action, using The 4–Hour Workweek as an example:

Watch the video now.

Put some spark into your chapter titles and you can turn browsers into buyers.

Putting Your Book in Context

Writing a book is only 1 of 5 key aspects of your journey as an author.

Before you write a word, it's important to get clear on your bigger purpose.

The system I teach is called e BLISS Butterfly Plan, and you'll l earn all about it as a FREE participant in the 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge.

Share your message - follow your B.L.I.S.S!:

want more help with how to write a book? The FREE 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge walks you through everything from identifying your purpose and vision to writing, publishing and promoting your book.

Become a free member now at, and be sure to watch for a chance to get ongoing help from me when you upgrade to Level 2 GOLD Member at a very low tuition.

Will you be the next author to follow your BLISS? I hope so!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

#1 bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author and Celebrity Author Mentor

Creator of the BLISS Butterfly and the Awakened Author Challenge

See the original article source.


What Can Jeff Foxworthy Teach Authors about Storytelling Techniques and Ideas?

What  Can Jeff Foxworthy Teach Authors about Storytelling Techniques and Ideas?

by Ronda Del Boccio

It seems people don't truly believe me when I say there are storytelling ideas everywhere. Comedians and country singers know this well.

storytelling techniques

Entrepreneurs come to me for help with how to write a book; One of the key elements that belongs in every chapter of a nonfiction book is a story.

The story may come from:

  • a customer success story
  • a restaurant visit
  • a conversation
  • a news story
  • something overheard
  • any life experience

Storytelling ideas are everywhere,

Recently, Kara asked, “How can I find a story for every chapter? I'm not a good storyteller.”

Before addressing the storytelling issue, pause and look at the mindset. as Kara repeats she's not good at something, she demonstrates storytelling techniques used to hold her back.

She probably has a whole narrative around not being a good storyteller and not being able to find good ideas. It becomes a well-worn pathway of the mind.

Looking for inspiration

Kara can find storytelling ideas anywhere in her life. Fiction authors know this well, because any event or person can inspire a story element.

as a fantasy author, I personally have used bits of conversation, people, and real life experiences as fodder for stories.

Why is nonfiction any different? It isn't!

Jeff Foxworthy finds his inspiration in everyday life. He is a master storyteller.

Watch this Jeff Foxworthy video.and see if you can find some inspiration for yourself.

Here are a few of the situations that inspired him for this comedy routine:

  • a wedding rehearsal dinner
  • lawn ornaments
  • hunting
  • visiting relatives
  • rednecks (of course!)

3 elements of storytelling

  1. Content – the “what happened”: Most people stop here and merely repeat “this happened, then that, then the next thing.” This makes for a boring story.
  2.  Context – the “fit” or relevance to the reader/listener: This is why the story matters to your audience.
  3. Connection – the “why this matters” emotion. The story needs to matter to your audience on an emotional level, whether the story is humorous or serious.

What can Jeff Foxworthy teach about good storytelling techniques?

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Can Storytelling Techniques Help Develop a Powerful Mindset?

Can Storytelling Techniques Help Develop a Powerful Mindset?

Check out storytelling techniques in action by remembering the thoughts that run around inside your head. These might be thoughts about:

  • The economy
  • Business
  • Your love life
  • Your kids
  • Your partner
  • The job market
  • Losing weight
  • Breaking a bad habit

Whatever thoughts run around inside your head are your own storytelling techniques in action!

People are constantly telling themselves stories about the day. A musician just complained to me that he is having a hard times getting gigs (jobs) because of the current leader of his country. What the  WHAT???

Catch yourself telling stories about your life.

What story do you tell yourself about things that happen?

Imagine you have a day in which these things happen:

  • the delivery boy throws your newspaper into the bushes; plus the sprinkler is on. Your paper is drenched and unreadable.
  • A computer virus wipes out your entire hard drive.
  • Your tire blows out on the way to a big meeting and you have to walk miles. And it's raining hard.
  • Your child continues to give you the silent treatment for no apparent reason.

The typical response one might imagine for each of these is some version of “oh NO!” (with or without cuss words).

Eeyore (from the Winnie the Pooh series) comes to mind. He complains that things like that always happen to him. Here's one of the great Eeyore quotes:

Nobody tells me. Nobody keeps me informed. I make it 17 days come Friday since anyone spoke to me.

A series of orange juice commercials catches my ear, because they are a fantastic mindset lesson.

When the person who is going to have a series of “bad” things happen in a day, his or her response is “perfect!” (said with enthusiasm, not sarcasm)  rather than dread.

Here is one of those orange juice commercials:

Watch the video now.

Perception Shapes Reality

There is no “set response” to a thing happening.

Here is my version of responding to a “bad day” with positive expectancy and a great mindset:

Imagine I'm looking into a crystal ball that predicts my day…

Crystal Ball: “Your website will be down for six hours.

Me: “Excellent! Right after I send my customers a special coupon?”

Crystal Ball: “Yep.”

Me: “Perfect! Anything else?”

Crystal Ball: “The order button link will not work for no apparent reason.”

Me: “Great! And I'll spend several hours trying to track down the problem, right?”

Crystal Ball: “Sure will.”

Me “Good thing I had my mindshift!”

Use storytelling techniques to aft a powerful story

1. Catch your typical story running in your mind.

2. Decide the more positive, profitable story you wish to tell yourself.

3. Write down that new beneficial story

4. Rehearse saying it often.

5. Join the Miracle Mindshift Month and transform your mindset in just 31 days.

“Good Thing I Had My Mindshift!”!

your mindset is 100% under your control. It is not dependent upon your nation's leader, the economy, the weather, the day of the week, or anything else.

The Miracle Mindshift Month provides simple yet potent tools that can help you change your mind for the better.

Click the banner to join the Miracle Mindshift Month now.

Get Started Today and SAVE with this Miracle Mindshift Special Offer!

Will you practice storytelling techniques that move you toward your goals? I sure hope so!

Follow your B.L.I.S.S.!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

#1 bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author * Celebrity Author Mentor

Creator of the BLISS Butterfly and the Awakened Author Challenge

(See the original article source here)