Free Mini-class for Authors: How Do I Set Up and Use the Facebook Call to Action Button on My Author Page?

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This week's training: Thursday, Jan. 29 at 11:01 AM-11:21 AM ET

How to Set Up Your Facebook Author Page Call to Action Button

Facebook has a really cool new way to get customers right from Facebook. It's called the "call to Action Button."

Facebook now lets authors add a call to action button to your author page. This video invites you to a short, actionable training on:

  • How to set up your Facebook author page call to action button
  • How to decide where to send people from that button
  • An under-used ways to get more traffic and exposure right in your Facebook page or profile cover (in under 2 minutes)
  • Sell more books with the call to action button

This week's class: Thursday, Jan. 29 at 11:01 AM-11:21 AM ET

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Indie Author: How Can You Make Kindle Unlimited Work for You?

Have you heard of Kindle Unlimited yet? It's like Netflix for books. For a monthly fee,

Kindle Daily Deals

Kindle Unlimited

First, learn about its benefits for readers. Next, I'll invite you to a free 20 minute training showing you how to make use of it as an indie author.

Kindle Unlimited from the readers perspective:

  • For $9.95/month, you can borrow certain books from the Kindle and Audible libraries.
  • It's not ALL books, but all KDP authors' books and some other titles.
  • You may keep the books in your library for as long as you are a member.
  • Members u can, of course, outright purchase books that are in the KU catalog.

You can login to your Amazon account and see this new program right there.

Kindle Unlimited for Indie Authors

Before you flail your arms and wail that you want people to BUY your book, not borrow it, think again. As long as certain things happen, you'll still earn royalties on your Kindle Unlimited member reads.

Wondering how you can benefit from Kindle Unlimited? Be sure to attend this free 20 minute training Thursday, July 31 at 11:03  AM Eastern.

Kindle Unlimited really can help you sell more books.

Simply register at  to get the training and the class notes to help you master this new membership.

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- this time helping you sell more books

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