My February Monthly Flip-through in My Happy Planner

February #planner #MonthlyFlipThrough: a few ups and downs, a lotof fun sticker themes,, and overall a good month.


I really love my Happy Planner! I've been enjoying using a paper planner to go along with using Google Calendar for appointments and time-based reminders. Here's a monthly flipthrough of my February.

blab good month.

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Need Help Deciding Your Planning Style?

In the first #planner post, I asked you to consider “What do I want to track in my planner?” Now, see how to turn that into your planner style so you can get stuff done! #PlannerLove #PlannerCommunity #PlannerNerd #BLISSfulLife


If you'd asked me about my planning style a couple months ago, I would have wondered what in the world you were talking about. I hadn't used a paper planner since the '90s. I went to using Google Calendar for appointments (still do).

While briefly sharing my planner story here, I'll show you how you can choose your own planning style based on your needs.
Dec26-31, 2016 Plan

Size Matters: What size planner is best?

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Paper Planners: What Size and Style Do You Need?

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When I was looking into paper planners, I was struggling to figure out what type I needed. I wanted it small, but not too small. At first, I didn't know what I really wanted to plan either.


If you look in the Planner Love category, you'll see posts covering all that. Today is all about size, because...well...size matters!

Too big is cumbersome. Too small is hard to write in. What's your "Goldy Locks" size?

I found this helpful infographic that shows sizes. Click the image or here to see the original source. This isn't my work.

I got a personal size planner, then decided that's good for carrying around, but not big enough to work well for me as someone with limited eyesight and a penchant for decorating my planner!

I got a Happy Planner. This graphic  doesn't have my Happy Planner in it, though. Those pages are 7 x 9.5.

I am (so far...and it's new...) keeping my Happy Planner at home and using it to track everything from the weather and moon phase to gratitude to weekly focus to my writing, blogging and social media schedule. I go through that in a different post, though.

How to decide what planner size you need

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