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"How's that book coming along? is a common question people ask writers. I'm being transparent about it and sharing progress bars for my current works in progress right here on


I'm using a tool called My Book Progress to keep myself on track and you in the loop. Each day, I add the day's work to the tracker for that book or story.

Hidden Ozarks Paranormal Novellas
Due:2 years ago
101 Tips & Hacks for Busy Writers
Phase:First draft
Due:1 year ago
Front cover of the paranormal/urban fantasy book They All Died Smiling: A hand in the sign language "I Love You" sign blasts from a firey background. In the palm are symbols, including a pentacle. Thte cver reads: Ronda Jean Del Boccio, An unwanted gift, a hypnotic collusion, a demonic coersion, They All Died Smiling, Reluctant Demon Hunter Series
They All Died Smiling
Phase:2nd Proof

I'm so excited that now you can see at a glance how I'm doing on my various projects. And you can get free stories and special updates by joining Ronda's Readers, and if you're already one of my fans, you'll get those updates, so no need to re-subscribe..

My Works in Progress

I'm only tracking my active projects in MyBOokProgress, but here's what I have going on:

They All Died Smiling (Paranormal romance suspense): Complete. Waiting to hear back from the agent.

"Into the Bubble" (mystic/paranormal short story) This is the dolphin story I've been mentioning across the social web. Finally got a title. In the final edits and getting ready to seek a home for it. This is a companion story to "Trouble's Turn", which you can get FREE on Smashwords at

Hillbilly Daze (anthology: Writing more stories.

Rue the Day (coming of age epic fantasy romance): I had this out with a publisher and have regained my rights. I'm going through to freshen things up, then I will seek publication.

In My Right Mind (Paranormal Romance Novella): I wrote this a while back, and it will be in a set of 3 paranormal tales. Going through it for edits.

Hidden Ozarks: Not sure this will be the name, but this will have 3 connected paranormal novellas all set in the lush Ozarks. I have 2 of them already and will get going on the third soon.

I LOVE my readers!

When you read any of my books or stories, I am so happy! It's truly an honor. I like bringing you tantalizing transformational tales. I hope you'll keep in touch and tell me what stories you love, which characters make you mad, or whatever else you'd like to say.

Thank you!

Much love...

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How to Throw a Book Launch Party: Choosing the Venue

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Recently, I attended a couple of book launch parties and learned a lot. In a previous article, I shared insights on inviting guests to a book launch celebration. This article is all about selecting a venue.

Graphic for Hosting a Book Launch Party article series on

Where to host your launch party?

First of all,  consider your budget. Most people will want to have a free space, but that doesn't mean you have to use your local free meeting hall. Here are some ideas:

  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Park pavilion
  • Themed entertainment

You want to consider a place that is:

  • Near you
  • Easy for others to find
  • Willing to play along as you set up and publicize the event

If  your book is about an archeological dig, maybe there's a nearby museum that would let you do something near a display. Or perhaps they'll let you post flyers.

If your book involves a dinner party, perhaps a winery or restaurant will be happy to host you.

My upcoming anthology, Hillbilly Daze, has stories that happen at several local places, and I'm going to see about having readings/launch parties at some of those.

My friend and mentor Velda Brotherton has a new book that involves painting. She considered having her launch at an art gallery, however, the nearest place to her was far off the beaten trail, and thus not a good option.

Remember - the point is to sell books!

The point of your celebration is to sell books while having a good time. Let that stay in your mind.

So pick the right place for your party, one where the owners are happy you'll be there.

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