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These social media tips will help authors develop your online presence and build your author platform.Tanks +Peg Fitzpatrick . #socialmediatips

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The Art of Social Media for Writers

Building a social media platform has never been more important whether you plan on self-publishing or pitching your book to a traditional publisher.

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Kindle Formatting Resource

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If you're writing a book for Kindle, you can definitely upload the word doc, however, you might decide to use a free tool to transmute it in the .mobi format for Kindle.

The tool I like is  Calibre, and it's simple to use. Just bring your final document into the program and click a button to convert.
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calibre - E-book management
calibre: The one stop solution for all your e-book needs. Comprehensive e-book software.


FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors – How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can…

FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors - How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can Help You Sell More Books

Until last week, you couldn't offer pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle books. Now you can! Learn how tomake the most of this opportunity during this free miniclass.

It's LIVE right here, on the event page, Google+ and YouTube. And of course, that means it's recorded for your future education as well.

Get the scoop on weekly free mini-classes and get your free special report "7 Ways to Make Money While Still Writing  Your book" at

See you in class  Follow your BLISS,

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KDP Authors, did you know you can now sell pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle releases? It's super easy to do, and in this 20 minute quick class, I'll show you WHY to do it and how tomake the most of it.

This class is recorded and remains in YouTube, but I hope you can come live. Please ask any questions in the comments so I can serve y ou well.

Come back each week for a new mini-class for authors. What do YOU want to know more about? Please answer this super quick survey and let me know

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How Did Smashwords Authors Do in 2013?

Smashwords is 1 of the ways people can publish to Kindle, Nook & other e-formats. I have personally not used it, but authors using the service appear to be earning well.

Thanks +Gary McLaren for bringing this to my attention.

have you used Smashwords? What was your experience? I look forward to having you join the conversation!

Follow your B.L.I.S.S.!

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

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Smashwords Reports Author Revenue Was Up 33% in 2013

Authors' sales were $20 million, up 33% from $15 million the year before. There are now 275,000 titles (up 45%) and 83,000 authors (up 42%).

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Smashwords Year in Review 2013 - Indie Authors the Stewards of Publishing's Future
Welcome to my annual Smashwords year in review. It was another amazing year. On behalf of all employees at Smashwords, I want to start by thanking every Smashwords author, publisher and agent that publishes and distributes wi...


Ready to Dispel Ebook Publishing Urban Myths?

I recently had a conversation with a misguided entrepreneur who was telling his tribe that the 99 cent Kindle book is always bad and that nobody serious about their business would publish one.

Wrongo!  That's one of the urban myths of ebook publishing. You can check out the article below with more myths of ebooks, but for now, keep reading this. 

The truth is that people are buying those 99-centers in droves. A peek at the bestsellers in any genre will sh ow you that loads of them are only 9 cents.

I recommend entrepreneurs publish a shorter book (minibook/special report) at this price. For one thing, it gets you past the feeling that you HAVE to write a "whole big book" when you absolutely do not need to write a long volume to be an author worth reading.

Remember, when someone spends even a dollar, they are already 10 times more valuable to you than a freebie-seeker by virtue of the fact that this reader has opened her wallet and invested in  your book..

Amazon Kindle Direct publishing is a phenomenal way to turn y our expertise, stories and ideas into books. Independent publishing is the best way to spread your message, especially when you know what you need to have in place beyond the book.

I would be honored to help you turn your book idea into a life-changing book.

Follow your bliss,
Ronda Del Boccio,  The Story Lady

PS Thanks +Ellen Violette for bringing this resource to my attention. I appreciate it.

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eBook Urban Myths | Digital Book World
What rumors are going around regarding eBooks. Which are true and which are simply urban myths?