Meet Ronda Del Boccio at 5th Annual Meet the Authors Festival at Kimberling Area Library Sat., Feb. 4, 2017

It's so exciting to have a gathering of local authors with their books - to meet them in person, and maybe do some shopping!

I'm elated to be involved with the Meet the Authors Festival at Kimberling Area Library Sat. Feb. 4 9:30-1.

2017 Meet the Authors Festival

I'm a backup speaker in case someone cancels, but for sure you can meet me and maybe even get a book or 2...or 3...from me or any of the other authors.

I'll have books and cards there, plus a chance to win a fun prize.

You can download the PDF and read about all the authors here.

I can hardly wait to meet you!

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Ronda Del Boccio

#1 best selling author, speaker, and Amazon Top Reviewer

About Ronda Del Boccio

Ronda Del Boccio is an award-winning and best Click for Member Home Pageselling author of both fiction and nonfiction. She tells transformational tales and helps visionary authors turn their dreams and imaginings into published books. See and order Ronda's books on Amazon.

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7 Ways to Promote Your Live Author Event with Ease

Live author events, whether a book signing, reading, speaking engagement or something else, can be tremendously valuable...or not. It all depends. Mostly, it depends on the AUTHOR, not the event host.

I've noticed a lot of authors tend to expect to sit back and let the literary world deliver book sales with no effort on the wordsmith's part. I see it with publishing and with live events as well.

7 Tips for Promoting an Author Event

When you publish a book by whatever publishing method, you an't expect to put up your feet and let the publisher promote for you This simply does not happen. You can't just bury yourself in the next project; you have to promote and market your own book. That makes everybody happy, because you sell more books.

Same with events. Just because you've agreed to appear at a book signing, excerpt reading, or other live author event, that doesn't mean you keep your mouth shut about it and simply show up and sit in  your seat like a soggy lump until you're "on."

You want a successful event, right?

5 Reasons Why You Want to Help Promote an Author Book Signing/Speaking Event

  1. You might sell more books. This is obvious, but worth focused attention. People who are connected to you, whether readers, family or friends, are likely to come in support, and/or perhaps buy a book for themselves or as a gift. Sales are all about numbers. The more people attend, the more statistically likely it is for you to profit.
  2. Name recognition. Every author needs a wider net with more people who know about you and your books. Even if I don't like your genre, I have friends who do, and those friends are always looking for a good read. The old saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." You want to be IN sight and ON people's minds. Every time someone sees your name and hears about you, you become just a little more relevant.
  3. You only reap what you sow. You'll only get out what you invest. Contribute nothing and you can expect nothing in return. Then you'll be whining that the event was a waste of time when you, in fact, were at cause in the poor results. Help spread the word and you'll be the darling of the event hosts and can anticipate rich rewards.
  4. The Golden Rule Principle. Momma taught you the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you want them to treat you." The others are the event planners, any other authors, and the attendees. You want a great experience for everyone. The success of any event is a team effort. You want to care t the success of the event not only to bolster your own self-interest, but because it is right to put forth some effort. The event coordinators are most assuredly expending many hours and much energy to support YOUR writing.
  5. What you focus upon expands. Focus on expanding siness as an author and it shall grow. Simple universal law.

Here are 7 easy ways you can let your world know about your event. Continue reading "7 Ways to Promote Your Live Author Event with Ease"


Ronda Del Boccio Meeting Readers, Signing Books at Kimberling Area Library Author Book SIgning Day Feb 7

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Ronda Del Boccio, best selling and award-winning author, is one of forty writers  who will be visiting with readers and signing books at the Kimberling Area Library Author Book Signing Day Ronda Del Boccio small display with books at an author book signing day This is the fourth annual KAL Author Day.

"I'm so excited to  connect with readers who live in my area," said Del Boccio.

Cover of the #1 Best Seller The Peace SeedShe will have copies of several of her books, including her #1 bestselling  book The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling, which she has donated to several prisons around the country to foster inner peace.

When Assassins and Allies Conspire by Ronda Del BoccioShe will also have her best selling book of paranormal and fantasy stories, When Assassins and Allies Conspire. This book has four transformational tales, all with animals involved.

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady - Follow Your B.L.I.S.S.!The Library is located at 45 Kimberling Blvd in Kimberling City, Missouri. Call 417-739-2525 or visit  

"Come stop by and meet all of us.!"

More about this event:

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