How Can Kindle Countdown Deals Help You Sell More Books? Video Tutorial

Have you tried Kindle Countdown Deals yet?

This is 1 of the 2 book promotion opportunities within the KDP Select program for Kindle Direct Publishing authors.

This allows you to run a special limited time promotion of your book. THe prie could go down to 99 cents, then go to $1.99, and so forth over the span of a week before returning to full price.

Watch this video tutorial and see how to use it.

Try out Kindle Countdown Deals and let me know how it goes!

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Should I Enroll My Book in Kindle Countdown Deals?

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Should I Enroll My Book in Kindle Countdown Deals?

As with almost any question, the answer to that is my favorite… “it depends.

Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals is a promotional tool in the KDP Select Program that lets you as a self published author put your book on sale for a limited time and keep increasing the price.

Books between $2.99 and $24.99 are eligible. Your book must be enrolled in KDP Select, which means you're giving an exclusive to Amazon for 90 days at a time.

Example: My book Instant Author Formula gives you 6 easy ways to write a book fast. It's $4.99. It will be available as a Countdown Deal in March for a week.

The price will be only 99 cents at first, then 1.99, then 2.99, then 3.99, then after the week is over, back to full price.

This is a great way to get new readers.

Here are the details straight from Amazon. See the original article source here.

What is Kindle Countdown Deals?

Kindle Countdown Deals is a new KDP Select benefit that allows publishers to run limited-time promotions on their books, which can help earn more royalties and reach more readers. Customers can see the regular price and the promotional price on the book’s detail page, as well as a countdown clock telling them how much time is left at the promotional price.

Here are some of the benefits of Kindle Countdown Deals:

• Time: You control how long your book is discounted, anywhere between one hour and seven days.
• Discount: You set the level of discount, which must be at least $1 off the regular price.
• Royalty : You will earn royalties based on your regular royalty rate and the promotional price. As a result, if you are using the 70% royalty option, you’ll earn 70% even if the promotional price is below $2.99.
• Reporting: A new KDP report displays sales and royalties at each promotional price side-by-side with pre-promotion performance, so it’s easy to compare.
• Customer experience: It’s easy for customers to see the great deal they’re getting, as the regular price is included on the book’s detail page, right beside the promotional price. Customers will see a countdown clock with the time remaining for the promotion. It’s also easy for customers to discover Kindle Countdown Deals on a dedicated webpage at
NOTE from Ronda - that is a bad link. The correct link to see all the day's Kindle Countdown Deals is this one.

Here's a short video about the program:

Awakened Author Premium Members gained insight into this program during a recent Premium Member call. If you're a premium Member now, just login and notice the link to this specific class below.

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Fair Warning:

Book promotion is important for all authors no matter how you publish. Books don't promote themselves, and publishers don't lift a finger for you even if you are published by a big house.

There is no quick fix. Just having a Countdown Deal for your book is not a lazy button. You still need to spread the word and find those readers who will devour your book and come back for more.

One of the topics in the class was about using events in Facebook and Google+ to let your people know about the special promotion.

Also during the call, I help Premium Members think through whether this is something you want to do. The why and the thought behind the decision is much more important than the how-to of doing it.

I hope you'll join the premium Program!

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