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If you're writing a book for Kindle, you can definitely upload the word doc, however, you might decide to use a free tool to transmute it in the .mobi format for Kindle.

The tool I like is  Calibre, and it's simple to use. Just bring your final document into the program and click a button to convert.
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Ready to Dispel Ebook Publishing Urban Myths?

I recently had a conversation with a misguided entrepreneur who was telling his tribe that the 99 cent Kindle book is always bad and that nobody serious about their business would publish one.

Wrongo!  That's one of the urban myths of ebook publishing. You can check out the article below with more myths of ebooks, but for now, keep reading this. 

The truth is that people are buying those 99-centers in droves. A peek at the bestsellers in any genre will sh ow you that loads of them are only 9 cents.

I recommend entrepreneurs publish a shorter book (minibook/special report) at this price. For one thing, it gets you past the feeling that you HAVE to write a "whole big book" when you absolutely do not need to write a long volume to be an author worth reading.

Remember, when someone spends even a dollar, they are already 10 times more valuable to you than a freebie-seeker by virtue of the fact that this reader has opened her wallet and invested in  your book..

Amazon Kindle Direct publishing is a phenomenal way to turn y our expertise, stories and ideas into books. Independent publishing is the best way to spread your message, especially when you know what you need to have in place beyond the book.

I would be honored to help you turn your book idea into a life-changing book.

Follow your bliss,
Ronda Del Boccio,  The Story Lady

PS Thanks +Ellen Violette for bringing this resource to my attention. I appreciate it.

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