Dogs Need to Play! My Golden Retriever with Kong Goodie Bone

Dogs definitely need to play. I give my Leader Dog plenty of activities. It's so rewarding to watch her have a good time! If you have pets, you know how good for your health and sanity they are. Jemma is certainly not a pet, but out of her guide harness, she's just a dog who needs lots of cuddles, fun and exercise.

I bought her a Kong Goodie Bone back when we were at Leader Dogs. Basic Kong toys are among very few approved playthings. (Kongs and Nylabones. Period).

Lade Dog Jemma chews a Dentastix out of a Kong Goodie Bone

The Goodie Bone by Kong is shaped like a bone but with a short shaft at each end. You put something inside, and the dog has a long lasting treat, because it takes time to work it out of the bone.

I  made a cool discovery this week. My girl loves Dentasix. I give her one emery day. The problem I had until recently was that she eats it in under a minute. Now, I stuff the treat into the Goodie Bone, break it off and put the other half in the other end.

Voila! Now she has something to do for ten minutes instead of one.

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CGC is certainly not requreed, but I think any service dog should be able to pass it one she's been with her new handler for a while  My first 2 guide dogs, Thunder Skywalker and Molly Flagtail, were both CGCs.

I wanted my new dog to wear the tag and earn the proud title. When I got Jemma Flagtail at Leader Dogs, I felt incredibly excited that head trainer Jessica Bimmerman was a certified CGC tester.

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Tired of being dogless back in March of this year, I was just considering maybe I didn't have to train my own this time and could go get a new, fully trained dog, but I wasn't "there" yet.  I woke up early one morning and mulled over it in bed. Perhaps it was time to get a dog. Maybe not.

Molly Flagtail lying on my mom's paisley print couch


My friend Seana came to visit me. She has a hearing/mobility service dog whom she trained. We were in the grocery store when an older couple talked to us. They asked about her dog. At first they assumed it was a guide dog, which most people do unless they've seen a variety of service dogs.

I shared that I used to have a guide dog named Molly. The man, Terry, said, "We're with the Lions Club. We've been wanting to help place a Leader Dog with a blind person in this area for years."

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